NBA Trades: Last-Minute Deadline Deals Every Team Should Consider

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NBA Trades: Last-Minute Deadline Deals Every Team Should Consider
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

So today is NBA Trade Deadline day.

And judging by what we've seen already this week, it should be a hectic day. We've already seen two of the biggest stars in the NBA shipped off in Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams earlier this week.

Already today, we saw somewhat of a minor deal, although I don't know if I would call swapping Mo Williams for Baron Davis minor. But the point remains that it's already been a very active week that'll reach its apex today. 

The flurry of activity is just going to get more and more hectic as we inch closer to the deadline hour, and there have already been a number of rumored deals thrown out there today, including the possibility of Steve Nash being traded out of Phoenix.

We'll get into all of that later, but this is a different case. On this, the busiest day of the NBA calendar, it's time for us to start looking down the line and some trades that teams should be considering.

It could be a trade that can put a contending team over the top, make a fringe team a playoff team or even a salary dump to prepare for next season. Either way, this is the place for all the trade deadline talk you can handle.

So read on for the very latest.

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