Arsene Knows: Are Gunners Going To Witness Something Special Soon? Some Thoughts

Ram MohanContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

Arsenal under Arsene Wenger play the most sublime football where the building blocks of the team are Teamwork, Technical Ability, Quick and Penetrative Passing, Athleticism, Intelligence, Anticipation.  These are exactly the attributes that an Arsenal player should posses.

Most ardent Gunner fans were crying out for specific signings like Barry, Villa, Inler and Yaya Toure in the summer.

Quite surprisingly the only ones Arsene bought were Nasri, Ramsey, Silvestre, Bischoff and Carlos Vela who returned from loan.

Little do people realize that not all can integrate into the Arsenal style of play and it takes a little longer for a player to integrate into this style of play. 

All of us by now would have seen Nasri, Ramsey and Vela and have little doubt that these three have very easily fitted into our style of play. Even the great Bobby Pires and Henry took close to a year to integrate into our style of play and the physicality of the EPL.

The analysis here clearly is that Le Boss knows exactly what he wants and is buying the right players and buying them young. He's taking time to integrate the players into our team, even if the likes of Nasri, Ramsey and Vela have already fitted in well with the Arsenal-esque style.

Now lets look at the case of the Emirates hate child of last season, the now dubbed "Ivorian Maradona".

No prizes for guessing.

It's our own Emmanuel Eboue. Last season he admittedly struggled integrating with the Arsenal attack and was very inconsistent. Now we see him cutting in from the flanks, going central, running with the ball, passing quickly and also providing the surging runs which throws the opposition defense into tantrums and he helps the defense as well by tracking back and his recovery is good as he has pace. 

Do all these attributes of Eboue point to player who has been developed in the total footballing philosophy?

Who would dare do this to a right back other than Wenger?

Next, Cesc Fabregas. 

Don’t think i need to elaborate on him. He is a total footballer and he's working on the defensive side of his game ever so more this season. 

Denilson is quite a clone like Cesc and both along with Eboue are going to be the midfield backbone of the team.

With the midfield containing this trio (Fabregas, Eboue, Denilson), add to that Nasri, Rosicky, Vela, RVP or Walcott on the wings and we can steamroll through most of the teams in the EPL even if we are in third gear.

We just need to wait, watch and believe in our team.

Alexandre Song would come in the DM role in tough away fixtures and also against teams which would have a little bit more of quality to add a little bit more of a defensive edge.

My assumptions on why Arsene did not buy a DM this summer was that Arsene believed in the above system and would have felt that youngsters like Bischoff, Ramsey, Randall, Wilshire, Lansbury, Diaby and maybe even Coquelin would be ready to step up to that position.

We do lack experience but since we are playing in a system in which someone else would be there to cover up for a fellow player, the emphasis on team work and bonding means we'll be ever so strong. It's a gamble that only Arsene will dare take and can emerge from successfully.

Upfront and on wings we have a plethora of options. Ade and Nikki B are of similar types and RVP, Vela, Walcott, Jay Simpson, Nasri, Rosicky, Eddie and Wilshire can all either play as a striker, second striker or as a winger. Add to that Eboure and Diaby. 

The options are aplenty and the potential is terrifying. 

Arsene never believed in spending big money on giant center backs and we really don’t need a giant CB as our style of play is totally based on fast attacking, passing, technical football where we attack as a team and defend as a team.

What Arsene looks for in a defender is intelligence and recovery pace which Toure, Gallas, Djourou, Song and Silvestre have in stock. So a player like Vidic or Terry would never fit into Arsenal and thats one of the reasons Swiss Tony failed.

Arsene's Arsenal is an ever so complex mechanism of a football team which we should only get a feel of it by December. 

I have trust in Le Boss, the players and the style of our football.

Do you Guys?

Comments Please!

Note: This is my first attempt in penning down my thoughts. Constructive Criticisms are more than welcome.



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