Isaac's Info: Can the Rams Get Any Worse?

Isaac FishCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2008

The St. Louis Rams—sorry, I mean The St. Louis “Lambs”—are the worst team in the NFL.

I thought that this year was going to be a good year for the Rams, but that is what they say every year and it seems to get worse every season.  The Rams come out and lose their first game. Then they come out for the second game, starting out strong but eventually blowing it, because they are the Rams.

The Rams lost a lot of respect this year for three reasons.

1. They can't win.

2. The coach is terrible.

3. As Steven Jackson put it, "It's the fans’ fault that we can't win."  Sorry buddy, but it is you and your team’s fault for losing.

The Rams need to fire their head coach, Scott Linehan, because if they don't, they may go back to being the LA Rams, and it just so happens that those people of St. Louis that follow the Rams would probably support this move.  But if they do move, the Rams have to get a coach that actually knows how to coach the game of football!  

The new coach should get rid of Marc Bulger, or at least have him as second or third string QB.

Furthermore, the Rams traded Fakhir Brown—one of the Rams’ starters.  Though, I don't blame them for that because he stinks, his team stinks, and he is talking trash on other teams.  It seems better for everyone involved for him to leave. After all, he can go to a better team anyway.

There is only one thing the Rams can brag about. They get to go golfing before all of the other teams because they don’t need to worry about the playoffs.  

Their program is at stake.  I hope it can bounce back by good players and a good coaching staff.

I only hope they can win one game this year.

Good luck, Rams.