NFL Power Rankings and Predictions

ed cyrContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

 These rankings are through the first three weeks of the NFL season.

1. Dallas- The Cowboys look to be the team to beat so far. They have the best offense in football and will be very difficult to beat this season. (projected record: 13-3)

2. N.Y Giants- The defending champs look good so far at 3-0 and their defense still gets after the QB even though they have taken some injuries. (projected record: 11-5)

3. Tennessee- The Titans and their dominating defense look to be the best in the AFC right now. Kerry Collins gives them an experienced QB and we will see if he can make fans forget about Vince Young. (projected record: 11-5)

4. Buffalo- This is no typo the Bills are in the top 5 and well deserving, they have a solid defense and Marshawn Lynch is proving he is one of the best back's in the game. (projected record: 12-4)

5. Philadelphia- This team has a great QB and a great RB. This team plays in the best division in football and has shown that they can go toe to toe with the Cowboys. ( projected record: 10-6)

6. Denver- Great offense and their head start on the Chargers make them the front runners in the NFC west but their lack of defense has me thinking they are overrated by most but are still fun to watch. (projected record: 12-4)

7. Green Bay- Aaron Rodgers looks great so far and will prove the Packers made the right choice in saying no thanks to Brett. ( projected record: 12-4)

8. Pittsburgh- They play in a weak division and still run the ball well and Big Ben is a great QB that will lead the Steelers to another division title. (projected record: 12-4)

9. San Diego- They are off to a slow start but Rivers looks great and they are already starting to get back on track. ( projected record: 10-6)

10. New England- I know they were man handled by Miami, but they still won 18 games last year so I wouldn't give up on them just yet. (projected record: 9-7)

11. Indianapolis- They still have Manning( the older one) and are suffering through injuries on their offensive line but I expect them to get back on track. (projected record: 10-6)

12. New Orleans- Off to a slow start but their great offense will get them back on track and Reggie Bush will have a breakout season. ( projected record: 10-6)

13. Washington- Play in a tough division that will only make them better in the future but this season they will have a tough time winning games this year. (projected record: 8-8)

14. Jacksonville- Have gotten off to a slow start but expect them to contend for a wild card spot. (projected record: 9-7)

15. Carolina- They have impressed me so far but i am still not a believer I don't think that they have a talented enough team. (projected record: 9-7)

16. Seattle- This team gets more boring to watch each year and I expect them to falter in their division. (projected record: 8-8)

17. Arizona- Off to a good start and I think they have a chance at the NFC west title this season. (projected record: 9-7)

18. Baltimore- Off to a suprizing start and their strong defense should keep them in most games this year. (projected record: 6-10)

19. Tampa Bay- Don't really like this team but the division is not very strong and they may stay in the race. (projected record: 7-9)

20. Minnesota- Great defense but I think that this team is just not that great and they are an Adrian Peterson injury away from being a bad team. (projected record: 7-9)

21. N.Y Jets- Still looking for an identity and if they find it they could contend for a playoff spot. (projected record: 6-10)

22. Miami- Last seasons laughing stock will be this years most improved team. (projected record: 7-9)

23. San Francisco- Will continue to improve and they play in a weak division so they may contend this season. (projected record: 7-9)

24. Chicago- Solid defense but their offense is terrible and Devin Hester is hurt right now. (projected record: 6-10)

These teams don't deserve a summary

25. Cincinnati

26. Atlanta

27. Cleveland

28. Detroit

29. Oakland

30. Houston

31. Kansas City

32. St. Louis