The British Press and Formula One

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The British Press and Formula One
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The British Press is failing to give objective coverage of Formula One.

When looking at Formula One news it is hard to find anything that is not about Lewis.

The Press is becoming gossip when it comes to F1. I can understand that the British media and people finally found the star that they failed to find in Jenson Button. But it has gone to far and it's at a point where McLaren Mercedes fans are now saying that the FIA is on Ferrari's side.

I think the British press has forgotten that Ferrari was so dominating that the FIA made regulation changes just so other teams could have a chance. That was good for the sport, but do you think it was good for Ferrari ?

Lewis him self is good at doing PR, but when he is saying that he is better then Michael Schumacher or comparing him self to Senna, then a journalist with just a little sense of his job should perhaps ask in to this.

Some one says he is arrogant, perhaps not, but he must be "high" on him self. There is no other driver, well Alonso had a time where he was 10 percent the same, but Lets help him down to earth.What happens if he doesn't win this year ? For me personally, all his statements becomes a joke, a metaphor in his own head.

He is good for the sport as a driver, yes certainly, but lets have him proof what he is bragging about before writing anymore about him.

I know most of people here will be furious about this, and say it is not right and so on.

But I had enough of the British Press and there LH hype, that I hope will end sooner then you can see a red light at the end of a pit lane.

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