NFL Lockout & College Football 2011: Will Early Draft Entries Regret Leaving

Colin KirschnerContributor IIFebruary 24, 2011

NFL Lockout & College Football 2011: Will Early Draft Entries Regret Leaving

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    Everyday the since the end of the NFL season, you may have asked yourself, "Will there be a lockout in 2011?"

    If there is a stoppage of play this upcoming season, will the early draft entries regret leaving early?

    This could be a question just a few of the top prospects could be asking themselves.

    So who are the top 10 draftees that will regret leaving school early?

10. WR, Jonathan Baldwin

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    Baldwin is an interesting prospect.  He has a massive frame at 6'5" and is filled out weighing 230 pounds.

    A young man who has excelled at the college level. 

    However, this past season he had 300-yards-less receiving than he did in 2009.

    The issue at hand that sticks out is he had four-less receptions than he did in 2009 when he finished with 1,111 yards receiving.

9. RB, Darren Evans

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    Evans is your atypical running back, listed at 6'0" and weighing 220 pounds.

    In just two-year's of play timing he's managed to get into the end-zone 22 times.

    On the other hand, he saw less carries this past season. 

    His average-yards-per-carry was up in 2010 to 5.7 per-attempt.  

    This upcoming season he could have easily won the starting back position.

    Will he regret leaving early? 

8. Clemson RB, Jamie Harper

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    Harper never exceeded more than 760 yards rushing in a season. 

    If he choose to stay, who knows, maybe he could've finally hit the 1,000 yard mark.

    Instead, he decided to leave his mark in Clemson with 34 yards on 20 attempts for one touchdown in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

7. Arkansas QB, Ryan Mallett

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    Mallet's frame (he's 6'6") and a rocket arm is what catches most scouts eyes.

    He finished this past season with 3,869 yards, a 64 percent completion percentage and a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 32-to-12.

    However, there is one eye-opener, he was sacked 49 times the past two seasons.

    This is due to the fact that he has slow feet and no pocket presence.

    In 2011, he could've had the opportunity to work on his flaws and become a top-five pick.

6. DE Missouri, Aldon Smith

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    Smith is a very interesting prospect.

    There is just one issue.  He only played in college for two seasons. 

    He is a freak of an athlete at 6'5", accumulating 17 sacks the past two years.

    However, with his limited action we are not certain where to play him.

    With his size, weighing 260 pounds, he could play the outside linebacker in a 3-4. 

    The fact is, one team will be playing the risk-reward card when drafting Smith.

5. Florida FS, Will Hill

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    Hill's first issue at hand is the fact he may have character issues.  He was suspended the first two games this past season.

    Secondly, he is very inconsistent. 

    With his coverage ability being a major question, along with his lack of dedication to wrapping up in the open-field, is he really ready for the NFL?

    Hill may end up wishing he chose to return for another year to work on his all-around game.

    Oh, did I mention he already has three kids?  Talk about a red flag.

4. OT Georgia Tech, Nick Claytor

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    The biggest surprise with Claytor has to be the fact he wasn't even a full-time starter in college.

    Another issue with him is he has the height for the offensive line, but only weighs 285 pounds.

    If he wants to become a serious player in the NFL he needs to get stronger and fast.

3. DT Utah, Sealver Siliga

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    There is no question that Siliga is a strong big defensive lineman.

    However, in two seasons he has only four combined sacks and 86 tackles.

    It can be understandable for his lack of sacks, but the low amount of tackles brings some question on his ability to stop the run.

2. RB Oregon State, Jacquizz Rodgers

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    Rodgers will have to overcome the odds of a man with his stature.

    At 5'7," his durability will be a major issue. 

    In 2008 he missed the last two games due to a shoulder injury.

    There is no question that he is a humble, hard-working football player.

    It just remains to be seen if he can be successful at the next level.

1. RB Pittsburgh, Dion Lewis

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    Lewis is a small and compact running back.  

    Listed at 5'8" his height remains a question, but he has a strong body at 195 pounds.

    The past two season's he has rushed for 2,860 yards and 30 touchdowns. 

    However, the fact that he was offered scholarship by only two FBS schools is surprising after the numbers he produced.

    We will have to wait and see if Lewis can defy the odds of being a little guy in the NFL.