Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams, The Knicks Actually Beat The Nets in Round 1

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Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams, The Knicks Actually Beat The Nets in Round 1
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Some people are saying the Nets made the biggest splash now by acquiring all-star point guard Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz. 

Don't let Mikhail Prokhorov and the Knicks haters fool you for a second. THE deal was Carmelo Anthony, and it always was. The Nets wanted Melo just as much, or maybe even more than the Knicks did. They gave everything the Nuggets asked for, almost a full week before the Knicks produced their final package. 

Prokhorov is desperate to make his team relevant, and the Nets have not been relevant since Kidd took them to he finals two years in a row. That's a better track record than the Knicks have had in the past years, but no matter which way you look at it, the Knicks own the tri-state area. They will always be the Lakers, and the Nets will always be the Clippers.

Sme have argued that Williams would fit into the Knicks system better than Melo will, but I wouldn't count on that. Look at the entire deal. A lot of people are overlooking a big piece in this trade, Chauncey BIllups,

BIllups is an all-star point guard, he has the most experience even a ring to his name. That's more than the top two point guards in the league which most regard as Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

Paul and Wililams have not been extremely relevant in the West because they are lacking the same thing on each team- an all-star 3/4.

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NY has both of those, 2 of the best in their respective spots.

Also, The Melo deal is a long-term investment. Danilo Gallinari Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler were all up for free agency relatively soon, and Timofey Mozgov was a major question mark. He showed up in a few games this season, but you know no matter what, Ronny Turiaf is ahead of him, and the Knicks wanted another center, regardless of Melo coming or not.

Melo can replace Gallo and then some, he'll be here for the remainder of his career, and he will attract more free agents, much like Amare did for Melo.

Billups will be great for the two seasons he is needed. Toney Douglas will grow into his backup role, and when Billups is done as a Knick, Chris Paul and Deron Willams will be coming into the Free Agent Market.

Chris Paul has often expressed problems in the New Orleans management, and Deron WIlliams has expressed a desire to play in NY numerous times.

Regarding this recent trade, many have said that Williams is very unhappy with the deal. The question is, will he grow to love the swamps of Jersey in his leader role, or will being in Jersey just make him realize how much he doesn't want to be in New Jersey and instead maybe join New York.

I would argue that it would maybe be better for Williams to have stayed in Utah until the Nets moved to Brooklyn.

He'll be in jersey, falling in the shadow of STAT and Melo, and they'll be getting all the love of the Big Apple.  

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