Hey Mets Fans! Get Ready For Another Dissapointing Collapse

ed cyrContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

 The New York Mets come into the final week of the season a game behind the Phillies in the division, and are tied with the Brewers for the wild card. They yet again face the Florida Marlins who last year ripped the hearts out of Mets fans' and stomped all over it. This is the World Series for the Marlins who would love to go out on a high note, what would be higher than knocking your division rival out of the playoffs again. For fans of the team from queens I hope that they don't have to suffer heartbreak again, but if i were a Mets fan I would get ready for another season ending disaster. The bullpen for this team is horrible and would keep them from the World Series anyway so maybe not making the playoffs would keep the met fans from having a total mental breakdown. I mean what could be worse than watching your team blow a 6 run lead in a due or die situation in the NLCS or maybe even the fall classic.