Steve Nash for MVP

Dave Finocchio@@DaveFinocchioSenior Writer IDecember 12, 2006

IconIt's hard to imagine Nash winning three in a row; especially in a league where Michael Jordan only won five regular season MVPs. Most fans recognize that David Stern runs the league like a big marketing campaign and players who put in their time - aka Barkley and Malone - - or soon to be Kobe, Lebron and Wade, will always get the benefit of the doubt over the deserving party. Simply put, the NBA MVP is a career award. It's more about affirming a player's legacy, as opposed to recognizing a terrific individual season.
But that being said, we're now about a fourth of the way through the season and Nash is averaging career highs in points and assists. In sum, he's more dominant now than he's ever been before. Personally, while I'd like to see somone else (hello Kobe Bryant) put up a career year and earn the award, I really don't want to see the league punish Nash for his past achievements. Anyhow, here's to hoping the national media (hello Bill Simmons - who has waaayyy to much power in these matters) does not choose to discount Nash because of the historical ramifications.