West Virginia-Marshall: A Day Away from a Mountaineers' Statement

David KuykendallCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2008

Well, it was a little over a week ago that Bill Stewart blew a huge game due to his play calling, though Pat White and company were playing just fine.

I must say one-point Pat blew the game by missing a 23-yard FG to put WVU up by three points in overtime, which eventually lost the game.

I am still convinced that had Bill Stewart called better plays during the game, it wouldn't have been close as we saw. They only scored twice in regulation, so it proves the players weren't to blame.

But now is not the time for a pity party: It's time to make a statement.

While it's only Marshall, a win by 40 will say a lot about a team on fire. What needs to happen is White and Noel Devine combining for 300-plus yards on the ground, White picking up at least 180 through the air, and the defense keeping the Herd under 300 yards.

A win like that might get WVU some respect back, and if a few teams lose, I say WVU gets back into the top 25. That's only if they can keep up the fight when they play SU and RU.

You know what? Scratch that: WVU needs to win out and have White win a Heisman trophy for WVU to get their respect back. I think if anyone can get WVU back on track, Pat White can.

Fellow Mountaineers, don't lose hope: The fire may be weak, but it isn't out just yet.