Off Topic: Is the Bleacher Report Community on their Collective Period?

Ryan Senior Writer ISeptember 26, 2008

This article will more than likely get pulled but I don't care.

I'm at the point where this place isn't fun anymore. And why?

Because of nasty, stupid douchebags like the one pictured above (that douchebag is Mark Torosian. Apparently, wearing a shirt with the word "jagerbombs", spiking your hair and holding your open cell phone makes you look cool).

Many articles seem to draw nothing but snappy, nasty,  biased remarks. What is the point of this? Why bother signing up for BR just to blast someone? 

So many people think they are above everyone else here, commenting with an aura of arrogance that is simply unmatched.  They spout off BS line after BS line about how they're right and you're wrong; about how you're such an idiot for even typing the article out.

Take my college football predicitions. I gave a reasonable explanation for how I felt and what happens? I get nasty remark after nasty remark. Remind me why that's neccessary.

This douchebaggery is everywhere. In the NFL, NHL, MLB, College Football and wrestling sections.  Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it's everywhere, but those are the articles I frequently write. 

A little bit of a note for all of you, snarky douches: You're a sad, pathetic, ignorant person and some day, your bitter and unhappy existence will come to an end.

Enjoy life being a douchebag and stop polluting my articles with your worthless remarks.