Los Angeles Lakers: The 10 Most Memorable Moments of the Season

Pat Mixon@patmixonSenior Analyst IFebruary 24, 2011

Los Angeles Lakers: The 10 Most Memorable Moments of the Season

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    Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have had what you could mildly call an up and down year so far. And, while everyone wants to keep talking doom and gloom and beat to death the lowlights, there have been some highlights to the season so far.

    Not everything has gone bad for the Lakers. Sure, they don’t have one of the top records in the West. And, sure, they’ve made their life toward a third NBA title in a row a tougher climb.

    But there have been some memorable moments for the Lakers this season. If you’re like me, I hope there will be many more great moments to come as the months progress toward June. 

    And, the best moment to come will be the Lakers hoisting another NBA trophy.

    So, here are the top 10 most memorable moments so far this season.

10. Lakers Begin Season 8-0

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    The Lakers started the year on a roll, fast out the gate. Even with Andrew Bynum missing from the lineup and Kobe Bryant taking it easy as he returned to form from offseason knee surgery, the Lakers busted out to a quick 8-0 record.

    From there, it’s been up and down.

9. Pick Your Favorite Lamar Odom Moment

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    Lamar Odom has been memorable all season.

    It all began with Lamar staying in shape during the summer from playing for Team USA. That translated into him starting this season in top form and it’s never waned. In fact, Odom has been the most consistent Laker all year.

    There are many great moments from Odom's season, but my favorite was his play in a road win on December 17 at Philadelphia, where he had a season high of 28 points in a 93-81 victory.


8. Ron Artest Sprays a Reporter with Cologne

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    After another Laker defeat, Ron Artest still seemed carefree in the locker room afterward.

    So much so that during an interview with reporters, Ron Ron was more interested in Lamar Odom’s new cologne than the interview questions.

    Artest then went on to spray KCAL 9‘s John Ireland with the stuff. That was memorable, even if it didn’t happen on the court.

    Now we’d like for Ron Ron to provide some memorable on the court moments, like he did in Game 7 of last year's NBA Finals.

7. Kobe Returns from Knee Surgery

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    Kobe also had knee surgery over the summer, and as in season’s past when he’s come into the year after surgery, he started the year slowly.

    But he caught his rhythm and got his lift back by the All-Star break, and was dunking in the All-Star game.

    Great to have him flying again.

6. Andrew Bynum Returns from Knee Surgery

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    Bynum had offseason knee surgery and missed the first 20-plus games to start the year.

    His return was slow going, as he wasn’t in great basketball shape and didn't have good timing.

    But Bynum got it going in January, and after the All-Star break, he seemed to even have gotten much of his lift back. Great to see the big center back in form.

    Now, the most memorable moment to come related to Drew will be seeing a healthy Bynum come playoff time.

5. Lakers Win in Memphis, 93-84

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    The Lakers had been struggling and were on their long East Coast road trip because the Grammy Awards were being held at the Staples Center.

    This game didn’t look good as Memphis had been playing stellar all year, especially at home. Plus, the Grizzles had beaten the Lakers in LA already.

    But the Lakers got a great, much-needed road win versus a team with a winning record.

4. Lakers Win in New York, 113-96

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    On the same Grammy road trip, the Lakers rolled into Madison Square Garden in a back-to-back after beating the Boston Celtics the night before.

    It would be easy to expect—with the up-and-down way LA had been playing—a letdown against a much-improved Knick team.

    But that wasn’t the case as the Lakers won easily and held the normally high-scoring Knicks to under 100 points.

3. Lakers Win in Boston, 92-86

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    Boston had beaten the Lakers in LA, so this game didn’t look promising. But the Lakers rose to the challenge and took this game at the Garden.

    Might have been the best win of the season so far.

2. Kobe Dunks on LeBron James and Gives a Butt Pat Afterward

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    In the All-Star game, Kobe had a breakaway.

    But unlike most games when guys don’t play D or hustle too much, this one was far different. LeBron James ran down court harder than I’ve ever seen a player do in an exhibition game and tried to catch Kobe.

    LBJ wanted desperately to block Kobe’s shot, but the Black Mamba not only had the last word with a dunk, he also gave LBJ a little tap on the butt afterward.

    That move was all taunt and vintage Michael Jordan, who would remind everyone who was King. Looks like Kobe did the same. Great moment.

1. Kobe Bryant Wins All-Star Game MVP

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    With this year’s All-Star game in LA, it was not too much a surprise, at least for me, that Kobe won the game’s MVP.

    But it was actually surprising how he played. He had a spring in his step and came out gunning from the tip.

    His performance is the best Laker moment of the year. So far!




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