USC vs. Oregon State: A Nine-Year-Old Offers His Postgame Thoughts

Edward DegtyaryovCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2008

Upset? I would say. But my Dad isn’t exactly upset!  On Thursday 25, 2008 the number one team in the country (USC) lost to an unranked team (Oregon State). The obvious key to Oregon State’s victory was Jacquizz Rodgers on offense.


The Quizz, as he’s called by his teammates, is a test that the Trojans failed.   The 5’6” running back hid behind his linemen for almost 200 yards and he scored two touchdowns. He got the tempo going early and just kept it coming. 


On defense the Beavers only gave up three first downs in the first half.  On the Trojans’ defense I kept looking for No. 58 Rey Maualuga to step up but he never did.


During the game I always felt like USC was not out of the game.  In the fourth quarter Mark Sanchez threw an interception that Greg Laybourn returned to the USC two-yard line I stared to get scared.  I was kind of rooting for both teams. On the next play the “The Quizz” added six more points but their kicker missed the extra point and the lead for the Beavers stood at 13. 


On the next drive Mark Sanchez and USC got down field and scored a touchdown and made the extra point. My dad and I looked at each other and said, “Could the missed extra point have been the game for the Beavers?”  My dad and I relaxed when the Beavers recovered the onside kick.


The more I watched the Beavers play the more I wanted them to win. In the third quarter it looked like USC might have a little daylight when they turned it into a seven-point game but the Beavers scored again. I think it was cool when the crowd went on the field to celebrate.


My favorite catch is by the Beavers when it bounced off the USC guy and was caught by a Beaver guy for a touchdown. That catch made the top 10 plays. I thought before USC would go to the championship and I still do. USC is a tough team and I am almost sure that they will not lose another game in the season.


I think this might have been the most shocking game I have ever seen.  As a USC fan I was not happy with their loss, but I did laugh when USC’s QB, Sanchez, threw his mouth guard down and my dad said, “It was his best throw of the night.” 


 This is also my third article. I hope you liked it and sent me a comment.