Miami Dolphins Offseason Goal: Get Back to an Exciting Offense

Colin McGrawContributor IIFebruary 23, 2011

Ronnie Brown takes a snap in the wildcat formation
Ronnie Brown takes a snap in the wildcat formationDoug Benc/Getty Images

Miami Dolphin fans everywhere are talking about what direction the franchise should take this offseason.

Every fan has their own opinion on what the organization should do, but the cold hard fact is it isn't as easy as making a phone call saying, "Hey DeAngelo Williams. We have money. Want to come play for us?"

Next phone call: "Vince Young, what are your thoughts on coming to play for us?"

It isn't that simple, Dolphin fans. The cold hard truth is, there are many factors that keep an organization from making the calls that the fan base is calling for.

What I do take away from all the Dolphin fans' misery is not merely just what player to get, but more of getting back to the exciting style of offense that we thrived on back in 2008 when Chad Pennington was calling the shots. 

This could mean going for that stud QB: Cam Newton in the first round.

It could mean signing a stellar RB such as DeAngelo Williams or Ahmad Bradshaw.

It could mean stocking up the offensive line to give the quarterback more time, etc. 

Who knows what the franchise is thinking of doing next, but they have many options to go and only time will tell what the Dolphins roster will look like come this September. The main goal should be to just create a more exciting fun offense to watch.

Dolphins fans are always complaining about not winning, but I also believe we don't want to win just for the sake of winning. I know I don't want us barely escaping games and ending up with a 11-5 record.

I would much rather want to watch an exciting offense, a team that knows how to really make the crowds erupt in cheers and leave them stunned. 

I guess what I am getting at is...the game is about a good balance between excitement and winning. If you want to fill the stands, give the fans the entertainment that they paid for.

Whatever step the Dolphins organization takes in the next few months hopefully they have a clear goal on what the style of offense is to be played. Find the players that fit the offensive scheme rather than what the fans are shouting for.