How I Would Book WrestleMania XXVII

Shane WilliamContributor IIFebruary 23, 2011

How I Would Book WrestleMania XXVII

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    This article is going to be my "fantasy trying to be realistic" booking of the WrestleMania 27 card.

    The two World Title matches are going to be untouched as in how they are right now. Which means Edge vs Del Rio and The Miz vs John Cena. My booking will have nothing to do with WCW. I don't see the use in having a WCW gimmick match. Maybe a reference and a shot to DDP in the crowd but that would be it really. Also I wouldn't have The Rock be in a match, I think the WWE should prove they can sell their greatest PPV with the stars of tomorrow, which they truly can if they didn't need the necessity to bury stars for no reason cough *SHEAMUS* cough.

    For The Rock, I could see him announcing a match and interviewing people backstage. Maybe a few comedy skits with Santino and The Bella Twins. The Rock should be used as a comedy tool for most of the night, and towards the end have a stare down with Cena would be cool.

    Here is my WrestleMania XXVII card...

1. Pre-Show WrestleMania

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    For the pre-show I would do away with the 'Mania Jobber Battle Royale, and instead put two quality matches fro the pre-show. The pre-show could be on the USA Network just like how Sunday Night Heat used to be on before the PPV.

    The match would be a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match. The participants would be the current Champions, Gabriel & Slater against; Otunga & Mason, Santino & Vladimir and The Usos. I would give this match 15 minutes of TV time and let it be under sudden death rules.

    The ending result would be Mason Ryan throwing Slater out of the ring, Vladimir and Ryan laying each other out with Double Clotheslines. Santino hitting the devastating Cobra on Otunga, only for Gabriel to hit a Spinning Heel Kick and then the 450 Splash which sent Gabriel further away on impact. But Jey Uso pulls Marella out of the ring while Gabriel is still on the mat looking to recooperate with the pinfaull but instead gets the Splash by Jimmy Uso.

2. Pre-Show Part II

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    This match would just be a simple six-Diva Tag Team Match. I also believe all six of these female wrestlers can actually wrestle. I would give this match 10 minutes. So with the two Pre-Show matches, it averages about with 30 minutes of wrestling, and then the rest can be used to preview the stacked WrestleMania card (Sidenote: Eve is title-less coming into this match, more on that later).

    The match would start with Melina and Gail, and with the 10 minutes these Divas can surely show off all their talents. Melina would pick up the victory for her team by pinning Eve with the Last Call.

    WWE DID YOU KNOW? Melina breaks a Diva Record by being featured in three consecutive WrestleMania Matches (23, 24, 25).

3. Champion vs. Champion Match

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    I wouldn't book this match as a unification match because I would find that pointless, as their talent is already being wasted on both brands. This match would be booked as a "Historic Who's Better" and the announcers would discuss the differences in each champion's wrestling techniques.

    The buildup for this match would be announced ASAP and then have each champion defend their title on their respected brand with a new challenger each week. It would then be a Journey to WM for the champion to see who is better, Danielson or Kingston?

    Before the match, the graphic Tale of the Tape would be thrown up to see the similarities and differences of the champions. This match would definitely have to be 20 minutes, and be one of the best openers of WrestleMania ever. I would choose to have Bryan go over in this match with the LeBelle Lock.

4. Goliath vs. Goliath Match

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    To build up for this match I would give it serious vignettes, like have Big Show say this is Do or Die for him because he has never been man-handled in a ring like this. Then have vignettes of Jackson hitting the gym and training to defeat Big Show and become the Ezekiel "New Show" Jackson

    For buildup, though, it would be Big Show against three jobbers and defeat them readily, having Show think he's got the edge. Only for later in the night, Jackson defeat five jobbers in half the time that Show did. Also to have clips of Floyd Mayweather and Akebono talking about how Show was easily defeated by them and how he shouldn't even show up to WrestleMania.

    For the match itself, I would have it go two minutes tops. Everyone knows two giants in the ring, is never a good thing, the match is usually lethargic and boring. The match would be highlighted with a Stalling Gorilla Press Slam from Jackson on Big Show. This would lead to the victory for Jackson, and a new rejuvenated career.

5. Announcer Stipulation

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    The match would be Jerry Lawler accompanied by long time friend Jim Ross against Alex Riley being managed by Michael Cole. Cole would deny Lawler's offer of wrestling him at WrestleMania, and the anonymous GM would chime in that Cole is a credited announcer not a wrestler. But Cole could handpick any Superstar to wrestle Lawler and acclaim his first WrestleMania match.

    To make the match even more healthy in viewing, Lawler would ask Cole to deepen the differences. If Lawler wins, Jim Ross will be reinstated in the RAW announcing booth, but if Cole wins, The King will have to coronate Michael Cole at WrestleMania and would retire being called The King. Michael Cole handpicked Alex Riley after John Cena defeated A-Ri in a match that if Cena won, A-Ri would be banned from ringside. So having nothing to do at WrestleMania, Michael Cole chose Alex Riley to represent him.

    The match would be a 10 minutes tops match, because besides the stipulation, I don't think the in-ring action would be that hot, even though Lawler is still going strong. The announcers would be Booker T and Josh Matthews for the match.

    As Lawler was going for the Diving Fist Drop, Cole jumped onto the apron to distract him but JR pulled him down and decked him. Letting Lawler hit his finisher and finish his first WrestleMania match in victory.

6. Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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    For this match the participants would be: John Morrison, Wade Barrett, Kane, King Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Christian, Drew McIntyre, R-Truth, Ted DiBiase and Mark Henry.

    This match would be a typical spotfest averaging at 20 minutes in-ring time. Barrett and Morrison would be the favorites going in being hyped by the announcers, with Christian suggesting if he wins he'll be cashing it in that night. I would choose DiBiase to win the match, only because I hate the way he's been booked lately and this would be the best way to get him pushed.

    Sidenote: I really was thinking about a Kane vs Sheamus match but I just couldn't think of a good storyline, nor did I think it would be that appealing at WrestleMania, maybe later in the year.

7. Diva's Dream Match

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    I would book Natalya to defeat Eve for the Diva's Championship pronto on RAW. I legitimately have no idea why WWE would book that match. It just made the Divas look less credible.

    After Natalya defeats Eve, Beth Phoenix should ask for a match at WrestleMania the following SmackDown. The weeks leading to WrestleMania the two Divas could face off against local women wrestlers to prove their strengths.

    Instead of a face against heel match, this match is primarily is two friends against each other for the sake of the top Women's Wrestling prize. This should booked as the Greatest Women's Wrestling Match ever. Legit, if any two female talents could do it, these two can. Book it. Ah.

    For the match, I would have it be ranging from 12 to 17 minutes of pure action in the ring. As for the finish it would be Beth trying to Powerbomb Natalya, only for Natalya to fall out of the maneuver and grab Beth's leg and transition her into the Sharpshooter.

    After the match the Divas embrace, and everyone finally gives these Divas respect.

8. Mask vs. Mask Match

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    The Mask vs. Mask wouldn't be the stipulation, but I thought it should be a tagline on this match as well. As the story goes, Mysterio "broke" Cody's face, blah blah blah no longer dashing blah blah blah.

    To save this feud, Cody should come out during Rey's matches and just blatantly interfere to try and injure Rey. Rey couldn't intact any revenge because Cody is sidelined until WrestleMania.

    This match would have a total of 10 to 12 minutes. The finish would come with Cody headbutting Rey with his face mask on and hitting the Cross Rhodes for the victory.

9. G2S vs. RKO Match

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    I love how WWE referenced the Unforgiven incident even if it was brought to their attention by Punk. Brilliance. Just build on the fact that Punk knows eating an RKO could lead into the Punt which ends careers. To be honest, though, I think if Punk books this feud it'd be better than anything I could ever think of, and right now it looks like Punk is booking this, so I'll leave it as it is.

    For the match, I would have Punk come through with the victory with the G2S in a 16-minute match. But the feud wouldn't be over from here. Michael McGillicutty would then cost Punk a match with Orton, to be Orton's protege and call himself Joe Hennig.

    It would also have Jericho return to the ring during this feud, feuding with both men equally. This feud has a lot of potential and hopefully Punk can just book it.

10. Hart Grudge Match

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    Alright for this match to be booked, it would start like this: the night that Natalya regains her Diva's title, there is a brawl backstage between Kidd and Smith, which Natalya tries to separate. The next week on RAW, it's Tyson Kidd against Yoshi Tatsu and DHS comes out and just stares at Kidd for the distraction to have Tatsu gain the victory.

    The following week on RAW when DHS is making his entrance Kidd jumps him on the ramp with a chair and beats him over the back with it until it is broken up. The following week it is then stated by the announcers that Bret Hart had asked for a favor from the WWE to not book Kidd and DHS in matches, so they can eventually get over it and reform their tag team (work with me here people, there needs to be a reason why this feud never took off from level one). But when they couldn't get involved in matches they had that random backstage brawl, and when I mean brawl it would be booked as one intense brawl all over the arena.

    As for the match itself, I would say let DHS gain the victory with the Running Press Slam. The match should be no longer than 13 to 14 minutes, even though these two can definitely go more. After the match they shake hands and embrace, with Natalya joining them. This is how I would get two future young stars on the biggest show of all time by having an entertaining match and then reforming their tag team.

    I know a bunch of you are thinking, what's the point of reigniting a feud that is dead only to reform the team. The answer is simple: a conclusion. This feud was horrible, what was the point of breaking them up in the first place? You can't just put them together and pretend nothing happened, so this is how I would do it by putting an entertaining WrestleMania match in the mix.

11. World Heavyweight Championship Match

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    For the matches already announced, I don't see how in terms of fantasy booking I'd book them because I know its going to be a reality. One important fact is that I would hold out on putting Christian into this feud, he should be rocketed to WHC level by the summer, though.

    One of the problems about announcing who the Rumble winner is picking so early is the lack of interesting storyline. For the next couple of weeks I just see Edge and ADR jumping each other in each other's matches. I liked it when there would be hype on who the RR winner would choose.

    As for this feud I really don't know what's going to happen or if Dolph/Christian will be involved. What I find interesting though is how many Superstars are having mini feuds with the two participants (Kingston, Christian, and Ziggler). This sets up many feuds to happen after Mania, which I'm excited for.

    For the match though, I think it should reach about 15 to 20 minutes in action with ADR winning with either a Small Package or the Cross Arm Breaker. I'm really hoping for an ADR win here.

12. Diva Tag Team Match

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    Trish Stratus returned at Elimination Chamber to help Kelly Kelly fend off LayCool. Originally I would book the match as a Diva's Tag Team Match: LayCool vs. Trish Stratus & Kelly Kelly. But week after week on SmackDown, LayCool would make it their objective to injure Kelly.

    After finally doing enough damage to make Kelly miss enough ring time until WrestleMania, Trish would have to fight LayCool in a Handicap Match. On the go home show of RAW before WrestleMania, LayCool would be competing against GlamaHart until Trish interrupts the match with announcement that Lita would be her tag team partner at WrestleMania against LayCool.

    The match would be a 8 to 10 minute spotfest of Trish and Lita's signature maneuvers. It's without a doubt that Lita and Trish would be the victors in this match. Lita would gain the win, though, by hitting the Moonsault on Layla. This result would also be the last straw on the back of LayCool's problems as on the following SmackDown Michelle would lay out Layla.

13. Streak vs. Career Match

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    I don't like this match, I don't like this match at all. I know it's my fantasy booking but I'm trying to be as realistic as possible, so this looks to be in the 'Mania brackets so far. I'd rather WWE go the route of building new stars by Sheamus proving he's King by defeating Triple H at WrestleMania.

    As for The Undertaker, I'd have him destroy Kane for the weeks before WrestleMania and have him booked to defeat Wade Barrett at WrestleMania. But instead it looks like WWE is going for Triple H trying to avenge Shawn by going after The Undertaker.

    Sure this match is going to be good, good not great, but I don't see the point in it. Hopefully they do a Streak vs. Career Match so Triple H can retire for the time being.

    As for the match itself, I don't know how well The Undertaker is in the health department, there were rumors he's in no condition to pull out a five-star match. Hopefully that's not true, I hope both of these men make me eat my words and put on a five-star match, but I doubt it. The Undertaker-Michael matches were both more than 20 minutes, but I see this one no more than 15 minutes. The Undertaker should prevail with a Tombstone Piledriver.

14. WWE Championship Match

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    This is already set in stone, so there isn't much for me to comment on. But look at that picture from the Cena-Miz feud in the summer of '08. I did like the way they did the Tag Title championship switch on RAW, but it totally destroyed what's left of the credibility of the Tag Titles.

    So far this feud has little depth, I'd like to see more substance in this feud instead of just trash talking. For this feud to be hot I think there should be a lot of violence because right now I'm not really feeling it.

    Before the match, I think Cena and The Rock should have a stare down with The Rock giving Cena a smug "good luck out there ... champ" line.

    For the match itself it should be a 25-minute back and forth type of match. The Miz should break the hold of the STF to shock Cena and the crowd. I would book The Miz to secure a clean victory over John Cena to solidify his Main Event status. If Cena makes The Miz tap out which is likely to happen, then what's the point of having The Miz even win the championship. They need newer stars, and this is the best way for it to happen.

    The Miz should reverse the AA by sliding behind Cena and hit Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale in the middle of the ring. To conclude the biggest PPV of the year, The Miz should have a minute or two to celebrate until the arena lights dim to black and send the PPV off the air.

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