Heres whats Wrong with WWE NO MERCY this year, and my thoughts on Raw

shawn cheginiContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

Hey guys, i got an email from the site and I was like, oh yeah, Im suppose to write ha, so here I am here to write about Raw, and what I think the WWE should do at No Mercy.

Raw was better than usual this week. I enjoyed some of the matches but Im just gonna talk about what really stood out at me. Santino Marella was in more segments this week than normal, and that too me was a big, big boost. I love seeing Santino Marella and he is truly the only comic relief in the entire WWE. I haven't laughed this much watching wrestling since The Rock and thats something the WWE has been missing, comedy. Sure Eddie was funny, but he would just make you chuckle, not Laugh out loud. The Rock did, and now Santino is doing that.  I love the Honk o Meter, and his quest to pass the "Honky Donky Man". I loved the segment backstage with him and Batista. His scream was absolutely priceless. Shane McMahon coming out was a good change of pace. We havent seen a McMahon since the week after Vince's "accident" and whatever they did, a McMahon showing up on Raw unannounced has always been a good way to keep people interested. Even though we all knew what he was going to say, since his music hit right after Adamle suspended Punk. Charlie Haas did another impression and although this one was a bit cheesy and overplayed, the parts where he would toss the ball over his head backwards, look into the camera and say "Perfect" just like Curt Henning was good, since of course the ball was completely off. Kelly Kelly is improving every week and in my opinion is better than a lot of divas who have been wrestling longer than her. I like her better than Maria and Cherry thats for sure. She is even looking better in the ring than Candice, but I think Candice just needs to work off some ring rust. And yeah I know Candice isnt that great at her best, im not expecting Kelly or Candice to be Trish, Lita, Melina, or Mickie just yet, but with time...maybe. Im extremely glad to see Vince pushing Evan Bourne. Im glad the WWE realizes that Bourne can be a HUGE superstar. WWE kept Rey at the lower mid card for so long and as soon as they started pushing him he exploded with fan support. Good to know Evan Bourne, who is already one of WWE's best is getting his air time, no pun intended. Punk vs Cody Rodes, I thought was going to be good, but was disappointed. It was fairly decent...but it went too long and I lost interest in it and changed to Monday Night Football. I mean come one, Punk wasn't gonna lose. I changed back to see that Dibiase and Umagas wanna be where attacking Punk and I was like...lame..but then the main event was a normal Raw Main event. Some good spots but mostly a normal match. I was pleasantly surprised to see Cade get the pin and not JBL because Cade is a guy who is just floating around who the casual fan wouldn't know if he is any good or not.


Ill just do a run through of the No Mercy Matches and say what I think and you guys can comment if you disagree, or agree. I read them either way.

Rey vs Kane I think will mimic the Kane vs Evan Bourne match we saw on Raw. Its the same two styles fighting this match but unfortunately I see the same outcome. Its looking like Kane is getting a farewell tour push from Vince and will be in the main event picture soon, but im hoping this is just because of the injuries. Look, Kane was good back in the day, but in this day of wrestling where strong gimicks and characters dont usually work, I just dont see Kane in the main event. I mean, Undertaker works because he is a huge marketing campaign, and everyone knows him, on top of the fact that he actually can still work a good match. Kane cant sell merch for the life of him, how many shirts has WWE made for Kane? How many people have you seen wearing a Kane shirt? Not as many as everyone else. Sure a lot of people know Kane, but does anyone care about him? When was the last time you saw a match and was like wow...Kane did a great job there? No, Evan Bourne carried the match on Raw, and to think Kane was the veteran there.

Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle will be dreadful. I hope Candice has been training every day to be in this match this looks like it is going to absolutely suck. Beth is gonna have to carry this match, but even she couldn't save Candice from blowing it. I hope it doesn't look like Candice's return match on Raw. The only saving grace i See is Santino Marella being ringside.

Big Show vs Undertaker is interesting to me. Two big guys who can work, but usually they work with smaller guys. Undertaker vs Khali was bad, and Undertaker vs Big Show in a Punjabi Match wasn't much better. Hopefully they can come up with something interesting, but history shows big guys lack excitement when they face each other. If some how they can work Chavo in and make it a Triple Threat, then maybe, but I doubt it so this will be decent at best. This is purely a way to get Big Show and Taker on the card.

Batista vs JBL....I don't even know where to start. Batista has improved tremendously since being in Evolution but he still cannot carry a match. His best match he has ever had was against Taker at WM23 but that was purely Taker. But Batista did a lot better than he usually does. JBL...has become an absolute joke since returning to Raw. I cant tell you how much i despise this new character. I don't take him seriously, if you look at JBL when he was the "longest reigning Smackdown WWE Champion" then you will see he is way more in shape and his character is more entertaining to watch. That JBL was hated for being a good heel, this JBL is hated for having notthing good about him. As Road Dogg/BG James and Billy Gunn/Kip James said in there shoot interview "Hes the only guy I've seen actually get worse as time went on". One of the very few times where Batista is the better wrestler in this match.

Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry, I'm glad Hardy finally won the world title, but we all and I'm sure even he knows the ECW is the new IC title. Until Matt wins the WWE or World Heavyweight none of us should be satisfied. Mark Henry is a bum and WWE has tried to push this waste of booking forever. Look most hardcore fans dont even watch ECW, so you have Tony Atlas, who most people who watch ECW don't know who he is, on a show where no one can stand Mark Henry. Henry gets the same kind of heat from Hardcore fans that JBL does. Hopefully Hardy retains

Triple H vs. Hardy, as much as Id like Jeff to finally win the big one, I don't think it will happen. Triple H is 99% going to hold that belt to at least Mania and I don't think Jeff increased his chances by getting in trouble at that airport. I do think this will be a good match though. I like Triple H as a worker, and Jeff isn't as good as he used to be, but still a lot better than most, and Jeff has the support. I see this match being very good, but ending in the same ending we've seen Triple H have in a long time.

The main event will be spectacular. Jericho and Michaels is always a sure bet phenomenal match. Never to disappoint, always to surprise, and now a ladder match. The only downside I see to this is I think the no holds barred match will be better, but I think this match will still be phenomenal due to the amazing wrestlers in it. HBK is still and always will be arguably the best wrestler ever, so his matches will always be good. Jericho will retain but it will be good.

Interviewer: Who do you think is the best wrestler ever?

Kevin Nash: "There's Shawn Michaels and then there's everyone else"