Romeo Crennel Needs to Motivate or Get Out

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2008

I've been of the opinion that Romeo must go following this season. I realize that this opinion is shared by many. Here's another of my reasons for those who have not joined our growing club:

There are teams who can win in spite of a mediocre coach, but these teams are never young. A youthful team needs motivation and someone to instill the belief that the team is a winner. Crennel is not this coach.

Take note of the Steelers; the Rooneys know this. The club in Pittsburgh has a tendency to rid itself of expensive stars who've reached the end of their contract.

Despite doing this, they contend year after year. Their young players step up and the veterans show their love of the game in their play. In short, they are a motivated team year in and year out.

Cowher was the king of motivation. I firmly believe that many coaches are better than Bill at the X's and O's of the NFL, but no coach can make players play harder or enjoy it more.

This is what is needed in Cleveland. Of course, no one is more like Cowher than Cowher, so it'd sure be nice to lure him to the Lake. If this can't be done, I hope the Browns' organization realizes that they need someone like him.

I want a coach in Cleveland who throws a clipboard occasionally, gets excited, gets angry, and acts like what he's watching matters to him. Romeo Crennel on the sideline is a portrait of indifference. I know he cares more about the game than he shows but does his team?

We need Romeo gone and in favor of a coach who sprays saliva.