NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking the 10 Players Left Before the Trade Deadline

Colin KirschnerContributor IIFebruary 22, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking the 10 Players Left Before the Trade Deadline

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    The NBA trade deadline is in just two days, on Thursday at 3 P.M. Eastern time.  With the Carmelo Anthony deal finally done and over with, it is time to talk about the remaining players that could be traded by the deadline.

    There is a good crop of solid role players and even a few that could come in and make an immediate impact.

    So who are they?

10. PF, Troy Murphy

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    Reports have serviced that the New Jersey Nets and the Portland Trail Blazers have begun talks about a possible trade involving Joel Przybilla.

    Murphy is a below-average athlete who has seen his time go to waste with the Nets—he has only played in 18 games this season due to injury. 

    He is a solid rebounder, with a career average of 8.5 per game and a decent shooter from long-range, shooting 39 percent.

9. PG, Devin Harris

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    Harris is currently involved in the trade talks with Murphy to the Trailblazers to receive an aging Andre Miller.

    The only reason to why the Nets are looking to dump him is to clear some cap space.

    His speed kills, allowing him to drive past any defender. 

    The only problem with Harris is he is not a true point guard as he looks to score-first every time.

    With a decent jump shot (career FG percentage of 44 percent) and his exceptional defensive skills, he could provide a more all-around game then Miller.

8. PG, Andre Miller

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    As stated before, Miller currently has his name being thrown around with a deal involving the Nets.

    Andre is slowly on the decline and is known as one of the best alley-oop passers ever and quite the ball hog.

    This could be a great deal for Portland, as they currently sit as the No. 5 seed in the West. If they're able to land Harris, as he is seven years younger than Miller, the Blazers could make some noise come playoffs.

7. F, Ron Artest

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    If you follow the NBA closely, or even watch SportsCenter on daily basis, you probably heard about the Artest trade talks a couple of weeks ago.

    Since day one of being in L.A. he has looked lost in the triangle offense, a reason to why he is seeing career lows in points, rebounds, assists and minutes.

    The Los Angeles Lakers could get by keeping Artest, but if they have the opportunity to snag a Gerald Wallace-type from the Charlotte Bobcats, they should pull the trigger.

6. F, Gerald Wallace

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    Wallace is easily the best player currently on the Bobcats. 

    He is a fantastic rebounder.  The past two seasons his rebounding numbers are the highest of his career (10.1 in 2009 and 8.2 in 2010).

    He rarely turns the ball over and plays great defense, averaging 1.5 steals per game.

    If Charlotte is smart, they will try and get something in return for Wallace while they still can.

5. SG, Stephen Jackson

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    Jackson is an interesting player with great size at 6'8" and can shoot the rock pretty well. However, he does like to shoot a lot of threes. 

    He can play good defense, but he isn't going to lock down the opposing team's best player.

    The Bobcats have no hope of doing anything in the playoffs, despite currently sitting two games out.

    So why not get something worthwhile for an aging player who is 32-years-old?

4. F, Al Harrington

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    Harrington is getting up there in age and reports surfaced back in January that the Denver Nuggets would like to get rid of his contract during early Carmelo talks.

    He can put it on the floor and shoot the deep ball (career 35 percent from behind the arc). 

    His biggest problem is he plays terrible defense and should be a better rebounder for his size.

    The Nuggets wouldn't mind getting Harrington's contract off their hands, but their biggest problem will be trying to find a team to pick up his contract (currently in his first year of a five-year-deal).

3. PG, Raymond Felton

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    Felton was just dealt to the Nuggets as part of the Anthony deal. 

    Reports have surfaced that the Nuggets will make Ty Lawson the starting point guard.

    If this is true, the Nuggets may be looking to deal Felton for a draft pick.

    Personally, I think the Lakers should try and make a push for Felton, as they have lacked an uptempo point guard this season.

2. F, Danilo Gallinari

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    The Nuggets have stated that they don't want to trade Gallinari. 

    However, stranger things have happened before when a team releases a statement like this.

    Denver could get another draft pick if they choose to ship Gallinari to another team.

1. SG, Andre Iguodala

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    There have been talks over the past month about a possible trade consisting of shooting guard Iguodala. 

    The Philadelphia 76ers could try and get a draft pick or make a player trade for Iguodala. 

    He is currently in his sixth year and the Sixers might want to make a move with recent success by Jrue Holliday and Evan Turner starting to play with confidence.

    Any team that wants to throw an offer out there will get a phenomenal athlete who is a strong and explosive player.