WWE WrestleMania 27: Could This Be Their Return to Glory ?

Elliott SaltaresContributor IFebruary 22, 2011

The WWE is at it again.

Vince McMahon and company are on a mad dash for our dollars as we inch ever closer to WrestleMania 27.

However, in all the calamity amidst the current ballyhoo, we as fans need to be smart and give thought to the near $60 minimum they inevitably ask of us to experience their annual pro-wrestling spectacular.

Since the date Mr. McMahon won the "Monday Night War," the quality of his "sports-entertainment" programming has been in steady decline. This is not lost on any of us with functional vision.

The WWE went PG and shifted its focus to the kiddies, and left the old-school wanting.

Sure, the company went public—they had stockholders to be accountable to, so things had to change. And we, to our credit, took it like champs.

We stood fast in hope that our once beautiful ladylove would come back to us. Truth be told, many are now gone, having come to the conclusion that they should finally move on and shift attention elsewhere in regards to entertainment.

However, recent events have rekindled old feelings.

Information is swirling around, and our lost brethren are hearing things. They have turned heads back to us.

They hear that The Rock is back, and that he has fixed his sights on the bane of most old-school fans' existence, John Cena. They have gotten wind of the buzz generated by the "2.21.11 vignettes."

The mystery surrounding these spottings of a cabin in the rain have sparked a level of interest and banter that was once the norm.

These are things that we, the slighted but ever vigilant, as well as the departed old-school, have been missing and waiting for. We have been wanting to feel the tension, the excitement and, more importantly, the justification of why we stayed and kept watching.

Are we finally being rewarded for our loyalty? Has our vigilance through the Cena-zation finally bore fruit?

Or is it just a desperate company throwing a bone in a last gasp for dollars?



Elliott Saltares is a sports pundit, fan, and contributing writer for Bleacher Report. You can follow him on twitter @elliottsaltares.