Roy Holsomback Meets The Bear

mpeskyContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

Roy Holsomback Right guard 6'3" 201 lbs played football for Coach Bryant 1959-1960 and was a  letterman. One day Roy received word that Coach Byrant wanted to see him in the coaches office.

Roy asked his friends, "I wonder what the coach wants with me?" Upon entering the coach's office he was directed to sit down. Coach Bryant started the conversation by telling Roy what he needed to do to improve on his game. Then the Bear ask Roy why he had not been home and why he had not written his momma.

Roy states that he was too stupid to be afraid of the Coach and he figured that it was time for him to make a joke with the coach. Roy answered, "I just don't like to be around poor folks." Wrong answer!

Coach Bryant slammed his fist down on his desk and Roy knew that he was in deep voodoo. The coach then began, in his deep growling voice, to tell Roy that poor folks were just as good as anyone else. The coach went on to shout at Roy that he had better go see his momma. Roy became very convinced that Coach Bryant meant what he said. Roy left this meeting with his tail between his legs and did go see his momma.

Its seems that Roy did not know that his mother had written Coach Bryant and had asked why Roy never came home. Most of us older people remember Coach Bryant's many comments about his momma on his old TV show. It appears that the coach was very serious when he made these comments as Roy found out the hard way. Roy began having regular visits home with his momma.