Thirteen Reasons the ACC Is Better Than the SEC

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2008

1. In the ACC you can go to Miami for a road game—in the SEC you go to Fayetteville.


2. In the ACC you can party in Atlanta for a road game—in the SEC you can party in Starkville.


3. The seafood is better in the ACC. Both have Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, but Maryland offsets Louisiana, Virginia offsets Mississippi, North Carolina offsets Alabama, and the Massachusetts Chowder tips the scale for the ACC.


4. The ACC has Bobby Bowden, the coach with more all-time wins than any SEC coach.


5. At ACC road games you can eat at the Varsity in Atlanta or the Esso Club in Clemson.


6. More ports in a storm. In the SEC you have six: Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. In the ACC you have seven: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts.


7. The ACC has a school above the Mason-Dixon Line with Boston College—the SEC does not have one.


8. In the ACC you don't have to play as many night games as the SEC. This allows fans to get home early and go to bed so they can get up on Sunday morning.


9. In the ACC you can go to a Boston College home game. You are allowed one full hour before and after the game to get all your tailgating in before the police clear the area.


10. In the ACC, if you have a terrific season you can go to the Meineke Muffler Bowl in Charlotte. This opportunity is not available for the SEC.


11. In the SEC there are live animals around campus during home games like LSU's Tiger, Auburn's War Eagle, South Carolina's Gamecock, Georgia's Bulldog, Mississippi State's Bulldog, and Tennessee's Smokey the Hound. In the ACC you have a goat at UNC.


12. In the SEC you have to eat the homemade sandwiches and sides at Toomer's Drugs in scenic Auburn. In the ACC, you may stop at any McDonald's and get a nice, prepared sandwich along the vast network of Interstate Highways that crisscross the area.


13. Most importantly, in the ACC you understand that football season is just a preliminary warm-up to the beginning of basketball season.