NBA Carmelo Anthony Trade: Power Ranking the Top 10 Players in The League

Colin KirschnerContributor IIFebruary 22, 2011

NBA Carmelo Anthony Trade: Power Ranking the Top 10 Players in The League

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    Well, it's finally over. Carmelo Anthony was traded last night to the New York Knicks in an 12 player deal that somehow involved the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now that the trade has been made it's time to talk if "Melo," really is a top 10 player in the league. 

    The Knicks must think Anthony is a top 10 player, since they traded 50 points worth a game in players to Denver.

    Lets go through the current power rankings of the top ten players in the NBA.

10. Chris Paul: New Orleans Hornets

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    Chris Paul is one of the most dominant point guards in the league, whether it's on offense or defense—he leads the league in steals per game (2.47). 

    He has single handedly led the New Orleans Hornets to a 33-25 record through the All-Star break.

    Paul's scoring isn't the best, (ranked 46th overall with 16.2) but he makes up for it by dishing out the rock to the tune of 9.6 assists per game, which ranks fourth in the NBA.

    It's hard to guard Paul as you can never expect what he will do next, because he can do a variety of things with the basketball.

    With the ability to take defenders off the dribble and pull-up (47% field goal percentage) he keeps the defense honest.

    He is also one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA, shooting 43% from beyond the arc this season.

9. Tim Duncan: San Antonio Spurs

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    Yes, Tim Duncan, is still a top 10 player in the league. At 34-years-old his IQ is his best asset and he turns the ball over less-and-less every year.

    One of the greatest bank shot shooters ever, he is dangerous on the block and from fifteen feet out.

    He can still get it done underneath, averaging 9.2 rebounds a game, good enough for ninth in the league.

    This season he is shooting a true shooting percentage of (52%), the lowest of his career. You could say this is partially because his minutes are down to the lowest in his career (28.7) per game.

8. Carmelo Anthony: New York Knicks

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    Anthony is one of the best scores in the league, who likes to utilize his skills on the blocks. 

    He currently ranks sixth in the NBA in scoring with 25.2 per game and averages 7.6 rebounds a game.

    The biggest issue with Anthony is the fact he's still an average at best defender. 

    If he wants to become a top five player in the league, he needs to improve on defense and lower his turnover rate of 2.8 per game. 

7. Derrick Rose: Chicago Bulls

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    Derrick Rose might be the most athletic point guard in the league, as evidenced by having one of the quickest first steps ever. He currently is the eighth highest scorer in the NBA averaging 24.9 per game. 

    To top that he is the fourth best scoring guard only behind: Kobe Bryant 25.1, Monta Ellis 25.3 and Dwayne Wade 25.4.

    He is also a top ten rebounder among guards, averaging 4.4 per game.

    Now that Rose has a legitimate big man in Carlos Boozer, he has developed his passing skills. Rose currently averages 8.2 assists per game.

    He is a good free throw shooter who averages 83% from the line.

    With his incredible knack for hitting running floaters he needs to work on drawing more fouls, so he get to the line even more.

    This kid has the ability to become the best point guard in the NBA and remain an All-Star for years to come.

6. Amare Stoudemire: New York Knicks

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    Stoudemire is one the best finishers around the rim in the NBA. With an extremely quick first step he relies on his ball handling to get to the basket.

    He could be considered the best pick-and-roll big man who isn't afraid from pulling the outside jumper.

    This season his field goal percentage is lower than in years past at (50%), but he is also averaging the most field goal attempts in his career. 

    He is fifth in the league this season with an efficiency rating of 25.8.

    He surprisingly is only ranked 15 in the league with (8.6) rebounds per game.

    To become the top big man in the league he needs to work harder and become a better team defender.

5. Dwight Howard: Orlando Magic

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    Howard could be the most athletic, physical center ever. His size and strength overwhelms opposing players on both ends of the court.

    He dominates inside the paint, averaging (59%) from the field, good for third in the league and crushes the boards averaging (13.8) which is second in the league.

    There is no question he can score averaging (22.8) per game on just (13.7) attempts per game.

    The big issue with him is his lack of post moves and his terrible free throw percentage of just (58%).

    You still won't find a center with his size that can run the floor as Howard, which makes him the best in the NBA.

4. Dwyane Wade: Miami Heat

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    Wade is the best slasher in the entire NBA. With incredible quickness and strength, he has no problem drawing fouls.

    His jump shot can be rather erratic, but he still manages to shoot 49% from the field and averages the fourth most points in the league with 25.4.

    He is also one of the best rebounding guards in the league, averaging 6.9 per game, ranking second among guards. 

    The seventh year veteran's best attribute has to be his knack for defense. He averages a block a game, which is first among guards by a long-shot. Derrick Rose is second with .66 per game.

    You have to watch this guy play on both ends to truly appreciate his value.

3. Kevin Durant: Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Durant's length is amazing and allows him to shoot over anyone in the league. He is one of the quickest shooters off the catch or dribble.

    This season, he is leading the league in scoring with (28.9), but on 20 shot attempts per game. His field goal average is just (47%), something he needs to improve upon if he is going to take so many shots.

    His ability to get to the line is amazing.  He takes full advantage at the charity stripe shooting (88%). 

    It's no surprise either that he can rebound the rock, averaging 7.0 a game.

    He could become the best player in the NBA, however his lateral quickness is questionable on defense, but he makes up for it with his long arms. 

2. LeBron James: Miami Heat

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    A two-time league MVP, James is one of the most incredible athletes the NBA has ever seen.

    At 6'8" he possess's the skills to play any position on the floor.

    His ability to get to the basket is something never to have been witnessed. He is averaging 26.1 points per game good for third in the league. 

    With his size and strength, it's nearly impossible to box him out, he averages 7.4 rebounds a game; He has incredible court vision which has helped him rank thirteenth in the league in assists with 7.3.

    Over the years his long range jumper has improved, but he still should work on it, along with his free throws. He shoots just 76% from the charity stripe.

    Lastly, he still has yet to win a championship, which is why he cannot be number one on this list.

1. Kobe Bryant: Los Angeles Lakers

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    A five-time NBA Champion, Kobe Bryant, is still the league's premier star.

    As he has gotten older his game has evolved like something never before seen. 

    His mastery to create shots at will and finish is of the charts, not to mention his skill to draw the foul off the pump fake.

    This season he is making 46% of his shots, averaging 25.1 points per game. 

    The one reason why he has to be number one, is because he's one of the best defenders in the league.

    He averages just 2.2 fouls per game, and no it's not because he is a star, he simply plays defense from the heart.

    At 32-years-old he is still the most dominant player in the league.