Carmelo Anthony's Jersey Number Remains Up in the Air

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIFebruary 22, 2011

New York Knicks: No. ? - Carmelo Anthony (Forward)
New York Knicks: No. ? - Carmelo Anthony (Forward)

New York Knicks fans may have left their homes early today to try and hit the stores to purchase a Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks jersey, but there is only one issue. The newly acquired Knick has yet to reveal what number he will be wearing.

It is very likely that Carmelo will be in uniform for the Knicks game on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden for his debut. 

One thing that is certain is the fact that Carmelo Anthony will not be wearing his traditional No. 15. The New York Knicks have retired that number twice in the past for Earl Monroe and Dick McGuire. 

Ever since LeBron James decided to take his talents to South Beach, the Knicks' attention has turned to acquiring Carmelo Anthony. Anthony also expressed his desire to play in New York several times throughout the season This also included a toast by Chris Paul at his wedding to create a squad to counter the Miami Heat big three of James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh

With all that said, there has been plenty of time for Carmelo to picture himself in a New York Knicks uniform and select a jersey number. 

The guess by many is that he will wear No. 30. It looks like Carmelo Anthony will keep fans waiting just a bit longer as he makes his debut for the New York Knicks organization with a press conference slated for Tuesday morning.