NFL Daily Haze: Four Days Into Labor Negotiations, Optimism Springs

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NFL Daily Haze: Four Days Into Labor Negotiations, Optimism Springs
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There just might be football next year after all.

Call me crazy, but I am starting to feel a little more optimistic about labor peace now that both sides have negotiated four days in a row. Sure, it happened behind closed doors and there have been no public statements about the meetings.

So we do not really know what is going on or about what they are discussing. Maybe they are talking about the NBA All-Star game. Or what to have for lunch. Or global warming. Who knows?

Still, you have to feel a little optimistic as a football fan that something might finally be getting done.

The two sides were not really all that close a few weeks ago. They might not be close now. But they are getting closer by the day. We all know that football will be back, there is too much money involved for the alternative. So it is only a matter of time, and the clock finally appears to be ticking.

Will the deal get done by March 3? I still doubt that. But soon thereafter, I could see it happening now.

Which means that free agency may not be that far off after all. And then, the NFL draft. And then, training camp.

And then, football.

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