WWE Raw '2/21/11' Top 3 Moments: John Cena Rappin' from the Heart at The Rock

Jordan WallingContributor IFebruary 22, 2011

WWE Raw '2/21/11' Top 3 Moments: John Cena Rappin' from the Heart at The Rock

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    With the buildup to WrestleMania swinging into full gear, last night was the much hyped "2/21/11" Monday Night Raw.  The event has come and gone, and there are certain to be a group of fans who are disappointed that Sting was not revealed as the newest WWE superstar.  

    Fans shouldn't be too upset, though. WWE's current product has many fans feeling a refreshing sense of excitement.  

    This is my list of the top three Raw moments from last night's show.

The Doctor of Thuganomics Makes His Long-Awaited Return

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    In a flashback to his earlier days, John Cena takes to the mic to address the statements from The Rock last week on Raw.

    Cena stated amongst other things how he has been in WWE showing his love these past seven years while Dwayne only says he loves the WWE from Hollywood.

    One of the better promos from Cena in some time, watch the video here.

WWE Finally Announces Next Member Of This Year's Hall of Fame Class

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    In a surprising change from recent years, WWE has announced "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan as the next member of the 2011 class of the WWE HOF, that is to take place after WrestleMania this year.

    Hacksaw is a deserving entrant, but it does shed light on the other superstars WWE overlooked for personal reasons (Savage, Warrior, etc.).

    It will be interesting to see who else joins this year's class.

"2/21/11" Promo Finally Revealved and It Was What We Feared (or Wanted)

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    It wasn't Sting and it wasn't Mistico, but it was a nice setup for an Undertaker vs. HHH showdown at WrestleMania.

    The Undertaker came down to the ring after the "2/21/11" promo clock (that had a countdown feature added) reached zero.  He was then interrupted by the return of HHH. 

    The two men stared each other down, looked up towards the WrestleMania sign hanging above the ring and acknowledged each other without any words spoken—HHH with a DX crotch thrust and the Undertaker with the cut throat gesture.

    Looks like Undertaker's streak will continue.


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    The road to WrestleMania and the event itself looks to be heading forward with an excitement not felt for some time.

    These next few weeks almost guarantee to be worth watching.  Thank you all sincerely for reading.

    An honorable mention goes to Morrison vs. Punk.  They are great workers.