Some “Betcha Didn't Know's” About The NFL Season So Far.

andrewCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

Did you know that Joe Flacco is only the third rookie since 1970 to quarterback his team to victories in his first two games?

So he’s in some pretty rare company.

The good news? One of them was John Elway.

The bad news? The other one was Ryan Leaf.

The Chiefs are the first team since 1960 to start three different quarterbacks in their first three games. That Herm Edwards is a genius. He sure has the problem pegged.

Speaking of geniuses pegging the problem, how about Rams head coach Scott Linehan benching Marc Bulger?! Yeah, it’s Bulger’s fault that your defense is allowing more than 456 yards per game, and has given up 116 points in three games (38.7 avg/game). Both of those marks are historically bad, and we may be looking at the worst NFL defense ever assembled. Bulger is probably *relieved* that he doesn’t have to captain that sinking ship any more.