NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players Still Left on the Trade Block

Tom LoughreyAnalyst IIIFebruary 22, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players Still Left on the Trade Block

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    Now that Carmelo Anthony has teamed up with Amar'e Stoudemire in New York, many other deals can come to the forefront.

    Whether or not the deals happen is a different story. The long, taxing "Melodrama" made it rare for SportsCenter to reference any other players on the trading block.

    If a team wanted to make a deal, a fantasy scenario for Melo would pop up out of the blue. With Melo finally dealt, other possible deadline deals can finally be talked about.

    So who is on the trading block anyway?

1. Raymond Felton

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    Raymond Felton's move to Denver may be short-lived.

    The Nuggets are exploring various options on where to send Felton so they can stock up on draft picks and cap space. The Nuggets are clearly a team that wants to start anew and build for the future.

    How can you blame them?

    Their franchise player demanded a trade and they were forced to send him basically wherever he wanted. With Anthony out of the picture, the Nuggets will most likely back into the playoffs and get swept in the first round.

    The real test for Denver will be the draft days in years to come.

2. Ron Artest

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    Ron Artest feels under-appreciated to say the least.

    Artest is having major problems with not being in the game late in the fourth quarter and being told that he's lost a step. Artest—never one to deal with conflict too well—has expressed his desire for a move, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

    Artest is averaging career lows in points, rebounds, assists and minutes.

    The Lakers can win it all with Artest, but they may have a better chance if they deal him for a younger, happier, defensive-minded forward.

3. Devin Harris

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    The New Jersey Nets can't seem to land a superstar no matter how hard they try.

    Now that the opportunity for Melo has come and gone, the Nets remain determined to make a deal. Their best asset right now is Devin Harris.

    The Nets may look to move the veteran point guard by Thursday's deadline to clear some cap room. According to NBC's Kurt Helin, Harris might be sent to Portland in a deal involving Andre Miller.

    Also, if the Nets plan to make a run for Chris Paul or Deron Williams in the near future, they don't need Harris on their roster. He's too talented and expensive to be a backup.

    The Nets will continue to try to make moves to improve under Mikhail Prokhorov, but when will they succeed?

4. Andre Miller

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    As the last slide reads, Andre Miller has been a name discussed in trade talks.

    With the Portland Trail Blazers continuing to struggle with the league's worst injury bug, they still managed to win six in a row before the break. The Blazers sit eight games above .500 at 32-24.

    If New Jersey gives them a chance to land a player like Harris, the Blazers may pull the trigger as Harris is seven years younger than Miller.

    If the Blazers make this deal, it would significantly improve their chances of pulling a first-round upset in the tough Western Conference.

5. Troy Murphy

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    Another New Jersey player on the block is Troy Murphy, who could be involved in the Portland deal.

    Whether he is or not, Murphy is still a contract the Nets would like to dump, allowing Derrick Favors to see more minutes.

    Because the Nets didn't land Melo, this year is now completely a lost cause, although even Anthony probably wouldn't have been able to save the Nets this season.

    Murphy, who is currently hurt, could land anywhere if the Nets really want to send him away. Many teams could buy out his contract and he could sign with whomever he pleased.

6. Shane Battier

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    A player like Shane Battier is always at his highest value around the trade deadline.

    Many playoff-bound teams drool at the chance to land a player that can hit clutch shots, defend and keep his mouth shot. The prototypical role player, Battier could fit in anywhere.

    A move to Dallas, Los Angeles or Boston would make sense as they all look to add depth at the vulnerable small forward position.

    If Battier ends up with a playoff team, he has the ability to be a difference maker.

7. Chris Kaman

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    With Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan clearly the future bigs for the Los Angeles Clippers, Chris Kaman could be on the move.

    Kaman has provided a steady presence in the middle for many years with the Clippers, but it might be time for him to move on. Many teams would kill to have a player like him in their big-man rotation when the playoffs roll around.

    The Miami Heat, who lack depth, might be a good fit for the veteran.

    Move or no move, Kaman is one of the most unheralded big men the game has ever seen.

8. Gerald Wallace

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    Gerald Wallace was by far the best pick the Charlotte Bobcats made when they entered the league, but they may soon part with their franchise's finest player.

    Wallace could have great trade value if dealt to the right suitor. The Bobcats, as they stand, won't challenge for a title and Wallace isn't getting any younger.

    Wallace's game hinges on his athleticism, and he won't be the team's top player for much longer. Stephen Jackson has started to take the reins from Wallace, although he's getting old too.

    The Bobcats should deal Wallace while he still has value so they can get something worthwhile in return.

9. Andre Iguodala

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    When Allen Iverson left Philadelphia, Andre Iguodala was declared the team's next star.

    Iguodala has failed to turn into the player the Philadelphia 76ers expected him to be. Although it's much too early to call Iguodala a bust, the 76ers have surely pondered the idea of moving him.

    With Elton Brand playing great and young guns like Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday preparing to emerge, Iguodala's chance to establish himself in Philly may have passed.

    If the Sixers plan to send Iguodala out before the deadline, it'd be interesting to see some of the offers put on the table by NBA squads.

10. Michael Redd

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    The list ends with a player whose name has disappeared for over a year, Michael Redd.

    Redd suffered two ACL tears in a 12-month period and has been rehabbing at Ohio State, his alma mater. Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Redd returned to practice on Monday, Feb. 21.

    With Redd not ready for game action, the Bucks don't think he'll make much of an impact this season. Redd is in the last year of his six-year, $91 million contract, so the Bucks have most likely considered dealing him.

    Redd is only 31 years old and still has some gas in the tank. Playoff teams take chances on guys like this all the time.

    Which, if any, of these players do you think will get dealt before Thursday's deadline?