Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou...Cowher?

Bobby CashContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

When I look at the picture it shows a story. A story a decade in the making, now. Since the Browns came back to the NFL in 1999 this is a sight all too familiar to Clevelanders' eyes.  While I do not want, nor feel I should be the Browns head coach, I do believe its time for a change.

Let's face it. The only reason Romeo Crenel is still roaming the sidelines on the banks of the Erie is because he managed to win 10 games in 2007. If he had gone 8-8 he probably would have been canned. But disregard the fact that the team choked in the final game (chance to make the playoffs) or the fact that week 1 looked like a high school team trying to play against a bigtime D1 college football program and everyone sees that the team won 10 games. The most in any season since the Browns left for Baltimore.

Now, amidst a season of so much optimism and so much anticipation the Browns sit on the verge of losing their season, if it hasn't been lost already. And it all reflects back on the coach. There are no excuses in 2008. A team coming off a great season with all the personel coming back and what did Romeo do? He decided to go powderpuff in camp. Instead of embracing the challenge he and his players relished it for it was the first time he or they had ever felt this way. But one thing is for certain in sports and it is that if you are not hungry then you will get eaten. And the Browns did not come out hungry in 2008. They came out acting like they deserved respect for one season's worth of accomplishments. I am sorry Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow and Derek Anderson. When you put up Pro-Bowl numbers year in and year out then you can sleepwalk your way through camps, and complain about new contracts, and feel job security. But as we have seen in only 3 games so far there is no fire, no passion, only confusion and frustration.

So this is a call for change. There is a certain large chinned someone in a studio every Sunday in New York who could change the perception around this town. Someone who knows about this town and the rivalries that we cherish. Someone who's no nonsense, blue-collar style work ethic so many of these players could use, is there for the taking. There would be a different aura around this franchise if Bill Cowher started living in the ways of Brown and Orange. He could present a toughness to these players which they so desprately lack. We saw it for years when he guided those damn Stillers through, over and around us on his way to playoff after playoff and eventually got his Super Bowl Ring. Now let's let him do that for us.