WWE's Age of Awesome: The History of The Miz and How I Became a Fan

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2011

I am a proud fan of The Miz. I don't understand why everyone hates him. Why? 

So, I am going to go into detail about The Miz's WWE career thus far and how I became a fan of The Miz.

The Miz made his official WWE debut on May 31, 2006. WWE named him the "host" of SmackDown! The "host" duties was to announce the planned card for the night and to try to hype the crowd.

The Miz began his in-ring debut in September 2006, defeating Tatanka. Michael Cole started to take note of The Miz's undefeated streak. He only wrestled five matches in two months, but was undefeated.

The Miz and Krystal were feuding with Layla El and found out that they were being stalked by The Boogeyman. This started a feud between The Miz and Boogeyman, the end result was Boogeyman ending The Miz's undefeated streak at Armageddon.

Miz was drafted from SmackDown! to ECW on June 17, 2007 as part of the 2007 Supplementary Draft. 

Miz debuted on ECW with a win over Nunzio. Following the match he was given a new gimmick. He was given a lap dance and became the self-proclaimed "Chick Magnet."

Following his new gimmick, Miz became the manager for the Extreme Exposé girls. Kelly Kelly ditched The Miz for Balls Mahoney, starting a feud between the two men.

The feud ended when Miz revealed that he owned Kelly's contract and demanded her to stop seeing Balls.

Miz was voted to face CM Punk for the ECW Championship at Cyber Sunday but lost the match.

On the Nov. 16 edition of SmackDown! The Miz teamed John Morrison to defeat MVP and Matt Hardy for the World Tag Team Championships. 

Miz and Morrison had many successful title defenses, until they dropped the titles in a fatal four way. They lost the belts to Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. 

After losing the tag titles, Miz and Morrison began a feud with Cryme Tyme. It started on their webshows, "Word Up," and, "The Dirt Sheet." Miz and Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme on two separate occasions.

Miz and Morrison eventually regained their tag titles after defeating Kofi Kingston and CM Punk. They began a feud going into Wrestlemania with Carlito and Primo. The two had a match for the titles at Wrestlemania where Miz and Morrison once again lost their tag team titles.

On April 13, The Miz was fighting Kofi Kingston for a draft pick and Miz lost due to Morrison's interference. RAW got the pick and it was revealed to be The Miz. After seeing himself drafted to RAW, Miz attacked Morrison, ending their partnership. 

The following week on RAW, Miz called out an absent John Cena and announced himself winner by forfeit. Miz continued to do so until John Cena showed up. Cena beat Miz and that only threw more fuel on the fire.

I became a Miz fan during his feud with John Cena. At the time I was sick and tired of Cena. I hated him. I wanted someone, anyone, to stand up to John Cena. Here he was. The Miz.

He challenged Cena every week knowing he wasn't in the building. I loved Miz's promos on Cena and Miz's rap about Cena, "Nerd Life." I thought Miz was the most entertaining man in WWE at that time.

On an episode of RAW, John Cena beat Miz and had him banned from WWE. On August 10, WWE held a "Contract on a Pole" match. The two competitors were Eugene and The Calgary Kid.

My thoughts were, why? Why is WWE randomly having a contract on a pole match? Why is Eugene in it? Who is The Calgary Kid?

The Calgary Kid reached the contract and was the newest employee in the WWE. The Calgary Kid removed his mask and revealed himself to be: The Miz.

That was great. Miz was back in WWE.

The Miz's first week back in WWE, he debuted a new ring attire, a new finisher and a new mission: The United States Championship.

His first week back on RAW, he defeated Evan Bourne. He challenged for the US title at Night of Champions, Breaking Point and Hell in a Cell, but was unsuccessful in every attempt.

The RAW following Hell in a Cell, The Miz was granted a rematch at Kofi Kingston's US title. 

Finally, victory at last. Miz gains his first singles championship in the WWE.

At Bragging Rights, The Miz was booked in a champion vs. champion match. US Champion vs. Intercontinental Champion. At the time Miz was the US Champion and John Morrison was the Intercontinental Champion. Miz defeated his former friend and tag team partner.

Miz and Morrison were chosen to assemble a team of five superstars to do battle against each other at Survivor Series, where Miz got the best of Morrison yet again.

During the rivalry with MVP, Miz began showing signs of an allegiance with The Big Show. Together the two won the Unified Tag Team Champions, making The Miz a triple crown champion.

On April 26, ShoMiz lost the championships to The Hart Dynasty. After the bout, Big Show knocked out The Miz, ending their tag team.

On May 10, Tyson Kidd defeated The Miz and as a result, Miz had to defend his US title against any member of The Hart Dynasty. Miz chose to fight: Bret Hart. The following week Miz lost to Hart. On the June 14 edition of RAW, Miz regained his US title in a fatal four way.

June 18, The Miz won one of the biggest matches of his young career. June 18, was the date of WWE's Money in the Bank. He was thought to have no chance in this match, but he overcame the odds and became "Mr. Money in the Bank."

Miz dropped the US title to Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions in September. Bryan has been holding it since.

Nov. 22 marks the biggest day of Miz's career. He cashed in on Randy Orton and won the WWE Championship.

Miz has been champion ever since and has defeated everyone who has challenged him for the belt.

He defeated Randy Orton on three occasions and defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler not once, but twice. Miz faces his toughest challenge yet on April 3. Long time rival: John Cena.

Do people expect Miz to retain against Cena cleanly at Wrestlemania? No.

Does anyone expect Miz to even win his match at Wrestlemania? Yes.

Who you ask? Who expects Miz to retain at Wrestlemania? Four people for sure.

The Miz expects himself to retain, Alex Riley expects Miz to retain, Michael Cole expects Miz to retain and I expect Miz to retain.

That's right.

After The Rock's promo on RAW I believe The Miz will retain his championship belt at Wrestlemania.

Why? How does The Rock help Miz?

The Rock spoke about both, Cena and Miz. Cena and Miz have a WWE title match together.

The Rock talked about each of them. He said Miz sucks but mainly targeted John Cena throughout the promo. He had plenty to say about WWE's poster boy.

So I have reason to believe, The Rock will be a special referee during the WWE Championship match. He will be calling the match straight down the middle, then BAM!

Rock Bottom John Cena and let Miz get the three count and retain his WWE Championship. Starting a feud between The Rock and John Cena.

I want this to happen. Miz's reign needs to go through Wrestlemania.

This is what WWE should do. I doubt they'll take this path, but it will be so great if they do. 

So, why? Why does the "WWE Universe" hate The Miz so much?

He worked his ass off to earn the main event spot he is in right now. He deserves to be champion. Is everyone mad at him for beating Morrison to the top? Morrison will make it there; he deserves it too.

Why all the hate on The Miz? He is a one time WWE Champion, two time United States Champion, three time WWE Tag Team Champion, two time World Tag Team Champion, two time Slammy Award Winner and one time Money in the Bank winner. 

The Miz is the current WWE Champion and will definitely be a future WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. The Miz is here to stay in WWE. The Miz is a big part of the future of WWE.

The Miz is the future of the WWE and the future is looking "AWESOME!!!!"


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