WWE's Road To Wrestlemania XXVII:What We've Learned After 2-21-11

Stefan A.Contributor IFebruary 22, 2011

WWE's Road To Wrestlemania XXVII:What We've Learned After 2-21-11

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    With Wrestlemania XXVII less than six weeks away the Road To Wrestlemania officially begins to heat up among the WWE Universe. After The Rock was confirmed as the show's guest host, many Wrestlemania rumors and predictions begin to run rampant. After the Elimination Chamber PPV and February 21st edition of Monday Night RAW, many insights on Wrestlemania became clear.


    This year's Wrestlemania has the potential to be one of the best we've seen in years if properly booked. The following slides will analyze many things we learned heading into Wrestlemania after watching Elimination Chamber and 2-21-11 edition of RAW.

Alberto Del Rio Getting A Fast Push

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    For some reason, Alberto Del Rio's push seems forced onto us as Sheamus push was two years ago. It's also hard for me to get into this guy. His promos seem repetitive, and his 'attacking opponents from behind and breaking their arm' tactic is really starting to get annoying.

    But Del Rio does have a superstar appeal to him, and he will just continue to improve. It's almost guaranteed that Alberto Del Rio continues the tradition of Royal Rumble winners winning the "Big Gold" at Wrestlemania.

Triple H Will Officially Retire

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    Many people who were hoping for Sting to debut in the WWE were in for a rude awakening when Undertaker made his 1000th comeback only to be interrupted by Triple H. The segment was not as exciting as the return of The Rock last week.

    But as of now reports are stating that Undertaker will face Triple H at Wrestlemania 27 in a streak vs career match. Similar to last year's match with Taker and HBK. Undertaker's streak will not end until it hits an incredible 20 wins. Triple H has been said to be calling it quits which makes the report of HHH retiring at Wrestlemania 27 more believable.

Dolph Ziggler Will Play A Part In Alberto Del Rio Vs Edge

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    For the past weeks, Dolph Ziggler and Edge have been involved in multiple battles. Last week, Dolph Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship for it to be taken right back by Edge in the same night. After this melee, Teddy Long came back from his hiatus, and fired Dolph Ziggler.

    Dolph Ziggler has continued to play along with his "firing" angle, even hinting he'll be taking his talents to TNA. Dolph Ziggler in some way will be apart of Alberto Del Rio and Edge upcoming Wrestlemania match. Either he'll be inserted into the match turning it into a triple threat, or he'll cost Edge the title.

Things Get Heated Between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

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    It all escalated when Michael Cole cost Jerry Lawler his first opportunity to win the WWE Championship. Every week Michael Cole has expressed his love for The Miz, and their "personal relationship". While expressing his love, he also showed dissatisfaction of Jerry Lawler trying to pursue his lifelong dream on either winning the championship or headlining Wrestlemania.

    The storyline has now furthered with Michael Cole's latest promo on Lawler's late mother. Lawler has issued a challenge to Cole for Wrestlemania, but it has yet to be accepted. I expect this match to be a Loser Leaves RAW announcing team match.

The Rock Will Be Involved In The Miz Vs Cena Match

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    When The Rock returned to RAW, he quickly singled two wrestlers who he wants to see at Wrestlemania. The Miz and John Cena are not only opponents at Wrestlemania, but they are also on the guest host, The Rock, hitlist. Maybe The Miz will turn face and Cena will turn heel, and we'll see an epic showdown of Cena vs The Rock. Or maybe The Rock will be the guest referee.

    Another possibility can be The Rock laying the smackdown on both of their candy asses! Many possibilities can be made. But I guarantee you The Rock will in some shape or form play a HUGE role in the main event.

Orton Will Continue To Have His Way With Punk

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    Punk may have his way with Cena, but he doesn't have the same luck against Orton. CM Punk and The Nexus will continue to try and get the best of Randy Orton, but each time they will fail. Until Wrestlemania will The Nexus maybe finally get an opportunity to beat down The Viper.

John Morrison Enters Wrestlemania With No Clear Feud

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    John Morrison, one of WWE's most talented superstar enters "The Biggest Stage of Them All" with no clear feud. After an impressive Elimination Chamber outing, I would expect some big plans for him in the near future. An interesting idea would be to turn his partner, R-Truth heel. John Morrison being inserted into the Money In The Bank match is the most possible resolution.

What We Wanna Know?

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    What other matches are in store for Wrestlemania?

    What other superstars will return in time for Wrestlemania?

    Will The Rock be involved in a match?

    Will John Cena turn heel?

    Will WWE Unify the U.S and I.C titles?

    How would The Corre and Nexus perform at their first Wrestlemania?

    Will King Sheamus push stay at a halt?

Wrestlemania 27 Rumors

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    The Rock and Stone Cold Confrontation at Wrestlemania 27?

    Sources inside WWE hinted on Friday that tentative plans have been drawn up for The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to appear together in the ring at WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta. Despite having already headlined three WrestleMania's together, the WWE Universe has been buzzing about a potential Rock and Austin confrontation given that both men have returned to the company in the past thirty days. As it stands, however, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin will not have a phsyical altercation. Instead, ideas are being toyed with that involve both men somehow "laying the smack down" on WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

    WWE Wants Undertaker to Retire Triple H With Shawn Michaels as Ref

    Given Triple H's plan to retire "soon," the WWE may hive the "Game" his opportunity sooner than anyone expected.

    As it now stands, The Undertaker will face Triple H in a "career vs. streak" match. Shawn Michaels will serve as the guest referee, a situation rife with drama as WWE fans will be forced to speculate if HBK will either "screw" The Undertaker (the man who ended his career at WrestleMania 26) or count the shoulders of his best friend (Triple H) to the mat, effectively ending his career while extending The Undertaker's streak.