SEC Teams Should Head North

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2008

We have all heard it, and we all think it:

"The SEC is the best, and the Big Ten is down."

There is no denying this fact.

However, we have not seen a southern team venture out of their region, and travel up to Big Ten country for a game. 

To take Ohio State as an example: The last SEC team the Buckeyes played in a non-bowl game was 20 years ago. However, they visited Austin to play Texas.

Why won't the SEC agree to a home-and-home with a cold-weather school?

The Pac-10 has the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta bowl, the SEC has the Sugar Bowl, the ACC has several bowls in Florida, the Big 12 has a bunch of bowls in Texas—but how many bowls does the Big Ten have in their area?

That's right, one that I can think of off hand—the Motor City Bowl, which who really cares about anyway. Would you like to guess if an SEC team would come up for that? Of course, the answer is no—its the MAC that matches up against the Big Ten. 

So, before we are quick to judge the Big Ten by saying they cannot beat the SEC, let's consider the factor of home-field advantage, which we all know it makes a big difference in football.

Hey LSU—why don't you come play a game in Columbus, where the crowd won't be on your side?