Unlikely Heros

Justin MayerContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

 At the start of the season would you have been comfortable having Carlos Gomez,Alexi Casilla, or Denard Span up to batwith the game on the line? Probably not, but tonight in probably the biggest game they have ever played in all three of them came through in a big way. Combined they were 9 for 14 with 6 rbi's and not one but three triples! These three players have came through down the  stretch and are a major key in the Twins success. Most of us had never heard of Denard Span coming into this season but with Michael Cuddyer going down he got his shot and he ran with it. It almost now seems like  getting hurt was a blessing in disguise for the Twins. If these three players keep playing the way they have been the Twins are going to be a tough team to beat if and when they make the post-season.