Bears will make the playoffs

Jake PaulusContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

yes the bears are 1-3 but if you look closely our offense is pretty dangerous if the right plays are called. we called all the right plays against the colts. Carolina should of been a victory but we gave it to the wrong back forte was averaging around 3-5 yards every time he touched the ball. 4th and 1 the bears give it to Mckie? against the Buccaneers Brian Griese threw 67 passes without a sack come on now the defense are running the wrong calls. Mark Bradley who got cut should of never happened in the first place because he wasn't given a shot and if we would of called the right plays with him he probably would of turned out better. Orton has all the tools he needs right now with Forte another threat opening up as well with Brandon Lloyd so if we can stay healthy we have a huge shot at the playoffs.