Top 10 Overrated Athletes

Josh TrueloveContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

If you're like me...then you probably hate overrated players. So I've made a list of the top 10 most overrated and underrated players. First, the overrated.


10: Wes Welker: WR New England Patriots: He is great with the ball in his hands, but let's face it. If it weren't for Randy Moss and Tom Brady, just how would his numbers be reflected? He isn't a bad player, but Brady and Moss don't hurt. On an average team like the Carolina Panthers or New York many catches would Wes Welker get? Just how astonishing would his numbers be if he wasn't placed on the best passing team in football? We will find out this season.


9: Jonathon Papelbon: CP Boston Red Sox: Jon Papelbon is a great player, but not as great as they say. He's nowhere near the likes of Francisco Rodriguez or Mariano Rivera, but he is still good. The problem I have his...commentators, analysts, and fans act like he's never blown a save and that we should all be on the Papelbon bandwagon. Yes, he has won 2 World Series, but he's never saved every game in a World Series or broken the single season saves record. Just because he is on the Boston Red Sox doesn't automatically make him the 2nd best closer in fact he is far from it.


8: Al Harris: CB Green Bay Packers: Al Harris has been a solid corner for years, solid, that's it. He is not the elite corner back that the analysts and Packer fans have fooled you into thinking. Al Harris single handedly lost the playoffs last year for the Packers, and really struggles against elite WRs. It's fine if you need help covering somebody, but ask for it. Don't act like you will stop somebody who you obviously can't. Al Harris' arrogance makes him worse of a player than he actually is. Al Harris is a good cornerback, not a great cornerback.


7: Lamar Odom: F Los Angeles Lakers: I know his numbers are great, and he is a walking mismatch, but have you watched the guy play? Mistake after mistake is all you will see from Lamar Odom if you've watched a Laker game. He falls out of bounds, takes dumb shots, and loses the ball for no reason. I realize he is too big for most small forwards, and too fast for most power forwards, but he is too stupid for the Los Angeles Lakers. You guys want to win the NBA Finals this year? Trade Odom for someone who won't try to lose the game.


6: Ryan Howard: 1B Philidelphia Phillies: 47 Homeruns, 142 RBIs, and a .248 average....ouch. Yes of course you want a guy who drives in 142 RBIs, but you might also want a guy who can hit at least .250. 2.48 is inexcusable. That is a terrible batting average for such a talented player. Ryan Howard is a great baseball player...but start swinging for contact, not distance. He should not be in the MVP talks with an average like that. Manny Ramirez should be your NL MVP.


5. Reggie Bush: RB New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush may be the most talented player in the National Football League, but shouldn't the most talented player have a better YPC average than 3.6? Reggie Bush was overrated as soon as he got drafted. I just don't understand how all that talent just can't produce rushing yards.


4: Jason Kidd: PG Dallas Mavericks: It doesn't matter how many rebounds you get as a point guard. And maybe Jason Kidd should learn that he needs to score more than 8 points a game. Who cares how many triple-doubles you have when your team barely sneaks into the playoffs and you are only shooting 38%. Jason Kidd is not the hall of famer the analysts have fooled you into thinking he is. Watch a game with Jason Kidd, you will not be impressed. I know I'm not.


3: Richard Seymour: DE New England Patriots: Ok, I don't care if he plays for the Patriots, and there is no argument you could make that would change my mind. Richard Seymour is unbelievably overrated. Do you know what Richard Seymours career high sacks in one season is? 8...8!!!!!. 8 sacks is for an average defensive lineman. Every other year? 3, 5.5, 5, 4, 4, 1.5. Why is he so praised? They say he can stop the run like no other...really? Where was he on Sunday when Ronnie Brown ran 4 touchdown?


2: Tedy Bruschi: MLB New England Patriots: He came back from a stroke, I know, that is unbelievable...but do I have to hear about it everytime the Patriots play? Besides coming back from a stroke, has Tedy Bruschi ever done anything impressive? He is an average linebacker on an above average team. I wish I could watch 1 NFL pregame or 1 Patriots game where the analysts didn't just praise Tedy Bruschi every time the Pats are on defense. He doesn't do anything. He's very slow and misses a lot of tackles. Not a bad player...just an average linebacker on an above average team. The way they talk about him, you would think that he is better than Ray Lewis and Lofa Tatupu.


1: Deangello Hall: CB Oakland Raiders: So you had the fastest 40 yard dash time than anyone in the still can't cover anybody. Every wide receiver who matches up with Deangello Hall for the day is in for a great fantasy week. No matter who it is, D Hall thinks he can cover anyone, but really, he can't cover anyone. He may have a good amount of interceptions at the end of the season, but that doesn't mean anything. Interceptions is an overrated stat. Especially when you think the likes of Terrence Newman, Nate Clements, and Chris McCalister really don't get a lot of picks. They just shut down who ever comes their way. D-Hall may get 6 picks...but hell allow 8-10 catches and 70-100 yards a game. The man just can't cover.