Wrestlemania XXVII: Why All The Hate On John Cena Vs. The Miz?

Ray SamuelsContributor IFebruary 21, 2011

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

A short 20 hours ago we witnessed one of the most predictable, yet most entertaining WWE PPV’s in a while.

The 2nd annual Elimination Chamber was filled with a Christian return, and Edge and John Cena winning their brands respective Elimination Chamber matches.

As soon as Cena pinned CM Punk and eliminated him from the Wrestlemania main-event, the hatred of Cena has grown even more. He will be in the main-event at Wrestlemania for a seventh time...in a row.

However that was far from being the only problem. Miz is scheduled to face Cena at Wrestlemania and one can safely assume that only a small percentage of people are actually excited for the match and anticipating it.

Arguments such as “Both Cena and Miz can’t work a match” and “Cena can’t carry a match and so can’t Miz so this match is going to suck automatically” arose in between the members of the IWC. While those arguments are very true, we have to give these guys another chance.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m highly anticipating this feud as I see tremendous potential in it. Cena and the Miz are one of the biggest stars in the WWE right now, not to mention one of the best mic-workers that the WWE has to offer as of now.

I’m looking forward to the build-up of the match because in all honesty, it can be really good. Just thinking of Cena and Miz in one ring exchanging words with each other excites me.

Who is the ultimate face of the WWE? Who is the better Champion? That is the questions that arise when I think of Cena vs. Miz at Wrestlemania.

As for the match itself, I’ll just say this. I’m a big believer in giving chances. And that’s what I’ll give to this match. I'll give this match a chance. Keeping in Batista vs. Cena was an IWC nightmare.

Nobody wanted to see two sub-par workers against each other, especially at the grand stage of Wrestlemania. The build-up was great, but other than that, the IWC thought the match was going to be trash.

I myself was not too thrilled about watching Batista vs. Cena at the granddaddy of em’ all. But I ultimately gave it a chance, and in the end I was glad I did.

Batista and Cena blew everybody out of the water. They worked an amazing match, one that I found much better then Edge and Jericho’s that occurred previously.

It was the second best match of the night at Wrestlemania XXVI.

The same can be said now with Miz and Cena being average in-ring workers. Keep in mind that Cena and Miz have been in the ring together, and that will hopefully equate to some sort of chemistry between their encounter at Wrestlemania.

I was just skimming through YouTube the other day, and came upon this recent match between the Miz and John Cena. This match happened shortly before Night of Champion, and I believe it’s safe to assume that Miz has improved in-ring since then.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but that match kept me uptight for the most of the 10 minutes.

It was basically a throw-away bout on the 899th RAW to fill time, and it’s harmless to think that their Wrestlemania match will be better then that because it would be planned carefully to keep the crowd interested.

And obviously, there won't be any Daniel Bryan interference.

So, I’m going to do what I did last year and give this match a chance. And I believe that’s what everybody in the IWC should do as well.

I definitely understand where the IWC’s frustration is stemming from however. Cena is main-eventing Wrestlemania for the seventh year in a row. Even Austin and the Rock didn't achieve that feat.

But also keep in mind that Cena has been out of the title picture almost a year. His last title reign ended in last year’s Money in the Bank PPV. WWE has done their best to keep Cena out of the title picture and let Miz, and to some extent Morrison shine in the main-event for once.

And really, think of it as business stand-point. Cena is who everybody loves. It’s Wrestlemania, and in no way shape or form can you think that Cena will not main-event it.  

So I leave off with the words that I left off with in my Undertaker/Barrett article. Don’t judge a book by its cover.