Wrestling Bloodbath: The 25 Bloodiest Matches in Pro Wrestling History

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Wrestling Bloodbath: The 25 Bloodiest Matches in Pro Wrestling History
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair has engaged in some truly gory matches during his career. But can "Space Mountain" claim one of the twenty-five bloodiest matches in wrestling history?

To some people, blood is rather gross. The sight of it can lead to nausea, queasiness and feelings of sickness. For wrestling fans, though, blood will illicit one common reaction: Oh, yeah!

Blood in professional wrestling is the cornerstone of a truly violent feud. Often one of the most graphic depictions of violence in the sport, fans have long debated the bloodiest encounters of all-time. More importantly, what type of bloodbath are we looking for?

There are matches where both participants bleed, and some where only one wrestler bleeds. Does quantity of blood replace multiple wrestlers being busted open? Should cage matches count less than regular matches because of the steel mesh? How do you compare wrestling in the United States with the bloody brawls in Japan?

Fans of the WWE, rejoice! If you're looking for old school, blood 'n' guts mayhem, then this is your list. We've compiled 25 of the bloodiest matches we could find. We went through painstaking research to determine which matches were worthy of inclusion, and which just weren't bloody enough.

Think you know what's on the list? You may be surprised...

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