Syracuse Basketball: Top 5 Rules Jim Boeheim Should Implement On Offense

Mike MuellerContributor IIFebruary 21, 2011

Syracuse Basketball: Top 5 Rules Jim Boeheim Should Implement On Offense

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    Syracuse (22-6) is poised to make another appearance in the NCAA Tournament, but the Orange have been very inconsistent this season.

    Here's five rules head coach Jim Boeheim should implement to keep Syracuse heading in the right direction.

5. Run Baby Run

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    Syracuse has no halfcourt offense. They pretty much stand around and watch Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph dribble around the perimeter.

    Rule: Don't run an offense and play in transition.

    The Orange should push the ball up the floor on a made or missed basket.

    The big men are athletic enough to run in transition and all of the guards on the team are very good at slashing to the hole.

    Boeheim has enough players to rotate and would avoid fatigue with the media timeouts.

    Syracuse is averaging more than 13 fastbreak points per game but was held to just four against Rutgers.

    They will definitely need more than that against teams like Villanova and Georgetown down the stretch.

4. Scoop's 2:1 Ratio

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    Scoop Jardine can make or break a game for Syracuse. The point guard is a streaky shooter that makes awful decisions at times.

    It is borderline ridiculous that Jardine leads the team with 291 shot attempts.

    Rule: Implement a 2:1 ratio for Scoop.

    Jardine should average two assists for every bucket he scores.

    If he has 10 assists and 10 points then Syracuse is most likely right in the hunt to win the game.

    Sometimes, more is less with this guy.

3. Re-Introduce Joseph to the Paint

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    Remember the days of Kris Joseph driving to the hole?

    It's been a while, hasn't it?

    Joseph was the 2010 Big East Sixth Man of the Year because of his aggressive play inside, but this season, he's been trying to prove to NBA scouts that he can knock down the jumper.

    Bad idea.

    Joseph has been very disappointing this season, despite leading the team in scoring (15 points). He came into the year with 67 career three-point attempts and already has 101 with four regular season games left to play.

    Rule: 70 percent of Joseph's shots need to come from 15 feet and in.

    He is a more effective scorer when he drives to the hole and Boeheim should make sure he doesn't forget that.

    His field goal percentage and rebound totals are down from last year and he should be a double-double player.

2. Let Triche Tee Off

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    Syracuse has won two of its last three games and Brandon Triche was a big reason why.

    Triche is playing the two-guard consistently for the first time in his career and the adjustment is starting to pay off.

    He scored 58 points in his last three outings and is averaging 13 shot attempts.

    Rule: Triche should have at least 15 attempts per game and be the team's first or second leading scorer.

    He deserves more touches and should get them down the stretch. Right now, Triche is the most consistent scorer on the team.

1. Work through Jackson

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    Rick Jackson is the MVP of this team and deserves more touches. It is inexcusable for him not to have a shot attempt in the first half of a game.

    Rule: The offense, when in the half court, should be worked through Jackson.

    Jackson should touch the ball at least once on every offensive possession inside. He leads the starters in field goal percentage, rebounds and is second in points on less than 10 touches per game.

    Give him the ball and thank him later.

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