Chad Ocho Cinco: Change Your Name

Kevin Thomas@K_Mart10Contributor IISeptember 25, 2008

Chad Ocho Cinco...Wow, that just rolls off the tongue doesn't it. The wide receiver from the Cincinnati Bengals formerly known as Chad Johnson has now changed his last name to Ocho Cinco, in case you have not heard. He did this because he is number 85, and in Spanish, ocho is eight and cinco is five.

I think Chad needs to change his name again, and I have some ideas.


Chad Ocho (8), for the number of receptions he has through three weeks of the season.

Or, Chad Ocho Ocho (88), for the number of yards he has so far.

How about Chad Dos Dos (22), for his longest reception of the year of 22 yards.

Or, why not Chad Once (11), which is his reception average so this season. 

This is my personal favorite, Chad Cero (0), which could be for the number of touchdowns he has this season, or for the number of wins his Cincinnati Bengals team has this year.

Here's Chad Ocho Cinco's stats so far: Game One, 1 Rec 22 Yds 22.0 Avg 0 TD, Game Two, 4 Rec 37 Yds 9.3 Avg O TD Game Three, 3 Rec 29 Yds 9.7 Avg 0 TD. All of these games the Bengals lost 17-10, 24-7, and 26-23, to the Ravens, Titans, and Giants respectively.

I used to think that Chad's antics, like his touchdown celebrations were very smart, funny, and well planned out (The Riverdance still cracks me up). But back then he was actually playing well on the field, and the Bengals were winning games.

Now, they are just flat-out annoying. Chad, just go back to playing football and helping your team win games.