NBA All Star Video: Watch Russell Westbrook Fly in for the Jam

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Russell Westbrook is announcing himself to the NBA in a major way.

He's somewhat hidden underneath Kevin Durant's shadow in Oklahoma City, but we've started to see Westbrook emerge as one of the better young point guards in the league.

He's putting up career numbers, he's exciting, energetic, and most impressively, he can throw down some amazing tomahawk dunks like this one in last night's All-Star Game.

Suffice it to say, why wasn't he in the Dunk Contest?

I know everyone's still talking about Blake Griffin dunking over a car, but take away the car and it wasn't that impressive. Griffin is a phenomenal in-game dunker, but I'm not sure he'll thrive in a dunk contest. Frankly, for the hype the contest got, it wasn't that impressive.

Now take Westbrook, who reaches seemingly a mile behind his head and makes his body an arch before slamming it down a la Dwight Howard in the dunk contest a couple of years ago. That's Space Jam worthy (I apologize for continuing to bring up Space Jam, but if you're my age, it probably played a very big part of your youth too). 

Westbrook's slam was one of the highlights of a 148-143 West win in the All-Star Game last night that turned out to be the most watched All-Star Game since Michael Jordan had a brief cameo as a Washington Wizard. Westbrook had a relatively quiet night, finishing with 12 points and shooting 50 percent from the floor.

But don't let the statistics fool you. It won't be long until Westbrook's one of those All-Stars putting up the numbers like Kobe and Durant and Chris Paul did last night. He's that special of a talent.

And just a note to the NBA: If you're thinking about redesigning your logo down the line, that image of Westbrook in mid-flight isn't a bad replacement for Jerry West.

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