"Free at Last, Free at Last": 6 Ex-WWE Superstars Free to Join TNA

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 21, 2011

"Free at Last, Free at Last": 6 Ex-WWE Superstars Free to Join TNA

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    On November 19, 2010, WWE released six superstars from contract. 

    Like any superstar that gets released, they also get a 90 day no-compete clause. Meaning they cannot compete in "big" organizations, like TNA, for 90 days after they're released. They can compete in the Indy's after they're released.

    Late last week, those six superstars that were released on November 19 had their no-compete clauses expire! They are finally free from the WWE! Now they can go to TNA.

    The question is, will they?

    Do you know the six superstars I'm talking about? No? I'll tell you.

    Let's get started!

Jillian Hall

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    Former Divas Champion, Jillian!

    She can now sign with TNA. Will she?

    I doubt she will sign with either organization, but the offer is open.

    A lot of the IWC has always said she was misused in WWE. That she was one of the really talented Divas on the WWE roster.

    She had a reign as Divas Champion for a few minutes before losing the belt.

    If I was TNA, I'd want her in my company, as long as she only wears bikinis like the one in the picture and doesn't sing. Please, don't sing.


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    Former WWE Diva and ECW General Manager, Tiffany was one of those names that was released last November.

    I don't remember if she was good in the ring, but when you look as good as she does, who cares!

    She was released after being intoxicated and beating her husband, Drew McIntyre.

    Their fight was said to be one sided, until Drew hit the Future Shock DDT. 

    If TNA signs Tiffany, she'll be like Miss. Tessmacher. A sexy woman who cannot wrestle. Maybe they can both stay backstage and look hot together. 

    I don't see her going to TNA though. Why? 

    Her husband is in WWE, Drew McIntyre. Also, Tiffany said she might be done with wrestling.

    If she did go TNA, it wouldn't be a big gain. When she left WWE, it wasn't a big loss either.

    However, she is free to sign with any other organization.

Shad Gaspard

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    Big Shad is free from the WWE.

    I would like to see Shad sign with TNA.

    He is so big and strong and it might be a smart move if TNA were to sign him.

    I thought Shad was pretty entertaining while in WWE with tag partner JTG, Cryme Tyme. They were always trying to make that money, money, yeah yeah!

    They would steal stuff and sell it to the crowd and were very well liked by the "WWE Universe."

    Then one night, Shad decided, "No more Cryme Tyme. It's my time," and attacked JTG, breaking up their team and turning heel.

    After the break up, Shad was sent to FCW to be re-made. He was planned to come back to WWE as a monster heel and possibly team with Ezekiel Jackson.

    Those plans never happened, because Shad was released.

    It could be Shad's "time" in TNA if he decides to go there. He can be brought in as the Pope's bodyguard and help beat down Samoa Joe.

    I don't think Shad will go to TNA. Last I've heard of him, he was training for MMA. 

    Hopefully he decides to turn back to pro wrestling and joins TNA. Brock Lesnar said he's done with UFC and wants to go back to WWE. Why doesn't Shad do the same?

Vance Archer

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    This guy should look familiar to TNA fans.

    Lance Hoyt (also known as Lance Rock) was released from TNA and was picked up by WWE under the name Vance Archer.

    He debuted on ECW and I was a fan once I saw him. He has the power and speed to be a champion. After the ECW ended, Archer went back to tag team wrestling. He partnered up with Curt Hawkins. A few months later, he was released.

    I would love to see Lance Hoyt return to TNA. He can also play a bodyguard role, he has in the past. He can be a bodyguard for Fortune or Immortal. Or push TNA into re-signing Jimmy Rave and reunite the Rock N' Rave Infection.

    I'd like to see Hoyt return without a gimmick and let him be himself for awhile.

    He still is in pro wrestling, just not in WWE or TNA. He said he was misused by WWE and could've been a main eventer if they had given him the chance.

Luke Gallows

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    Let me start by saying, that guy just looks badass! 

    He, too, believes he was misused by WWE. I can agree with that. Remember Festus? Yeah, that's him.

    TNA would be stupid to not even try to get this guy. He has the size and look of a champion. He is big and strong and could be an instant force in TNA.

    Bully Ray could be his mentor or something. They somewhat look alike.

    When I look at that picture, I think of one thing:

    "American Badass"

    Remember the Undertaker's "American Badass" gimmick? That was cool, right? I thought it was. TNA can turn Gallows into an American Badass. He has the look, all he needs is a bike.

Caylen Croft

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    He was in a tag team with partner, Trent Barreta. They formed the DudeBusters. 

    They debuted on ECW and looked like a good tag team. They were good in the ring and had good charisma together. I thought they would be like the Major Brothers (now Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins) and eventually be moved to SmackDown! and win the tag team titles.

    However, that did not happen, as Croft was released in November. 

    TNA can sign Croft and throw him into the X Division title mix. Croft looks like X Division material.

    Or TNA can wait for WWE's "spring cleaning." I believe there is a 95 percent chance that Trent Barreta will be released this spring, as well as some other cruiserweight style wrestlers.

    TNA can wait for spring to sign Barreta and reform their team, or completely ignore their work in WWE and have them in the X Division. TNA already has a stacked tag team division, so what harm would be done if these two get put in the X Division?

    Croft has the look of an X Division champion, TNA just needs to give him the chance.