Here's The Problem With Those Pesky Tampa Bay Rays

Robert NelsonCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

Hats off to the Pesky Rays of Tampa Bay.  A job well done.  You won the entire division.  Beat my Yanks.  Beat those damn Red Sox.  Good for you.  Joe Maddon did a great job all year.  There is not a single bad thing that I can say about your team.  Rock solid.  You guys got a big chance, just go do it.

Here's your problem.  Your fans are a minority.  You have the die hards and God bless them.  The reality is, the rest of the Tampa Bay population could care less.  Your attendance is horrible.  The Yankees could draw a bigger crowd at a parking lot fight outside the Cathedral. 

Analysis:  You have a TEAM.  A team not bought by money.  This is like the Bad News Bears in adulthood.  "I think I can, I think I can."  Just go do it.  I'll root for ya.  This is not coming down to pitching matchups, this is all about fundamental baseball.  Pitching, hitting, base running, believing.  Keep moving your baserunners and the rest will fall into place.  I correct myself, "could" not "will".  You have to do it.

Bottom line:  It is such a shame that such a fine team has to be supported by such a lacluster fan following.  A shame.  A crying shame.  A travesty.  Hats off and good luck to ya.