Brett Myers Leads Potential Playoff Pitching Rotation for the Phightin' Phillies

Wayne CrearContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

Here is my analysis on the potential postseason pitching rotation for the Phils. I feel it should go in this order:


1. Brett Myers

I love his bulldog mentality and I think Manuel should use that to his advantage in the first game. He can be dominating, but can also be wild. The question is which Myers will show?

All the potential teams that may match up with the Phils are all good hitting teams and are not going to just swing away. His cache of pitches is great, but it all starts with his fastball. That pitch sets up everything for him.


2. Cole Hamels

He has the stuff of an ace but doesn't have the heart for it yet. He is high-maintence, but has future Cy Young written all over him. If Myers is supposed to be No. 1, then Hamels is No. 1A.

I wouldn't worry about striking everyone out with him.The K's will come with that Johan Santana-like change up.


3. Jamie Moyer

The junkballer is a battle-tested proven veteran of changing speeds and making batters look foolish. I think he can seal the deal because of his knowledge of the game. I'd like for him to stick around one more year. He gets by on guile and knowing the strike zone along with which ump will give him the outside corner, a la Tom Glavine.


4. Joe "Big Boy" Blanton

Although he has pitched with tendinitis in his right bicep, he has done a serviceable job. Nothing to write home to momma about. He is like Myers in regard to setting up his fastball. He's a innings eater, but not with the potential that Myers has.

I'd like for him to develop a cutter or a two-seamer. His fastball is too straight and doesn't have the giddyyap to get hitters out. Hopefully he won't be used until the next round.



Rock solid all year with Ryan Madson, Chad Durbin, JC Romero, and the man they call lights out—Brad Lidge. If the game gets to the seventh inning, then I'd go Madson, Durbin/Romero and Lidge to over! Look out for the Phils!