Elimination Chamber 2011: A Great Stop On The Road To Wrestlemania

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIFebruary 21, 2011

Alberto Del Rio Def. Kofi Kingston (Non Title Match)

The 2011 Elimination Chamber PPV opened proceedings with the 2011 Royal Rumble Winner Del Rio and The IC Champion Kofi Kingston battling it out in a non title match.

Alberto came to the ring first and cut a promo about how he is going to Wrestlemania and how he is the best there is at the moment. He gained a lot of heat from the sell out crowd. Kofi then entered the arena to his usual pops and applause from the audience.

The match was actually quite decent for an opening match; both men were excellent in the ring and had some great back and forth action going on between them. Kofi was in control for most of the match, hitting some impressive moves and creating some memorable moments, whilst Del Rio was pretty much on the defensive all night; however, a slip up from Kofi on the top rope allowed Del Rio to capitalize and end the Ghanaian Warriors momentum.  

Soon afterwards, he hit his finisher the “arm breaker”, and before you knew it, the match was over.  Good match from both men, with Del Rio building on a positive campaign before he headlines Wrestelmania.

Edge Def. Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, Kane, Big Show and Wade Barrett to retain the World Championship.

The match starts off with Kane making his way down the aisle to his usual mixed reactions from the crowd, as he is the first man to enter the booth of the chamber. We then have the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre followed by his fellow Brit Wade Barrett. Theodore Long then makes an announcement as to who will be replacing Dolph Ziggler in the chamber.

After a few moments of silence, the Big Show’s music plays, as all the men in the chamber look shocked and worried about their chances of progressing.

Rey Mysterio then makes his way to the ring, followed by the World Champion Edge, to a thunderous ovation from the packed arena.   

The match begins as Edge and Rey lock horns with one another. Rey does his usual fast paced manoeuvres as Edge is slow to react. Edge soon catches him of guard and delivers Rey to some "Steal." He works on Rey for a bit before the next participant, Wade Barrett, makes his presence felt by going straight for the injured Edge and Rey. 

We see some good spots from Rey and Wade before Kane arrives as the fourth participant.

Kane lays into everything and everyone in sight; never before have they made Kane this dominant in a Chamber match.

Drew is the next man in and surprisingly puts on a good show as he rams both Wade and Rey through the "glass" doors. This proves to the WWE why we need some hardcore elements to wrestling, because the crowd went insane for these moments and actually boosted Drew’s popularity.

Last, we see the Big Show enter the Rumble and send Rey Mysterio’s head through the glass door.

Now for the eliminations:

We first see The Big Show destroying Wade Barrett by delivering some thunderous chops before his fatal KO punch to Barrett, as Wade is the first man to be eliminated.

The four remaining men then each hit their finishers on Show before Kane choke slams him and sends show packing.

Kane then eliminates Drew McIntyre. Edge and Rey work together to eliminate Kane, as Edge spears both Rey and Kane at the same time to eliminate the big red monster.  

Finally, Edge and Rey Mysterio battle it out in a solid seven minute back and forth action with a lot of near pin falls, as each man hits their finishers.

Edge finally catches Rey from the top rope with a spear and pins him to retain the gold, becoming the first man to retain his title at a chamber match in five years.

The 11-time World Champion is then attacked by his opponent at Wrestlemania, Del Rio, as he locks in the Arm Bar before the returning Christian comes into make the save.

They really should have had Christian be the sixth participant in this match instead of Show— ah well, maybe next time.

Very good match. I only hope that the Raw one can be as entertaining as the Smackdown one, I highly doubt it, but you never know.

Mark Out Moment

Just when you thought WWE won't be bringing back any old names, they deliver a real shocker as they announce that the returning Trish Stratus will be the new Tough Enough trainer alongside Austin and Booker T.

The Corre Def Santino and Kozlov for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Next up, we have a tag team contest between Kozlov and Santino and The Corre.

Before the match gets underway, we see a lot of confrontations between Booker T and Cole. Maybe it is the build up to something big that will transpire as the night goes on.

The match itself is very scrappy as you would expect, however, Gabriel continues to show everyone why he is a true star in the making and a future challenger for a sub division belt.

Santino hits his cobra, but it’s to no avail, as the Corre easily kick out. The Corre then work together to isolate Kozlov, and Gabriel finally gets to the top rope and hits his 40 splash onto Kozlov, and just like that, we are crowned our new Tag Team Champions.

A good end to a fine tag team, but I am sure we have not seen the last of Santino and Kozlov.

Vickie Guerrero Segment

We are now treated to the wife of the late great Eddie Guerrero. How she garners so much heat is beyond me; I mean, don’t people realise that she is the wife of Eddie Guerrero. Nevertheless, she does a really good job at playing a heel and using the crowd to her advantage.

This segment was all about Vickie trying to persuade Teddy Long to rehire her boyfriend Ziggler. She asks the fans to Twitter, Facebook and ring Teddy so that her beloved can return. I am just surprised as to how she managed to get a word in after the endless chorus of boos which paraded her through out the segment.

Teddy then came to the rescue and told Vickie that he is reinstating somebody but not Ziggler. Cue the return of Kelly Kelly, looking fabulous as ever, Kelly makes her way to the ring and lays into Vickie. Lay Cool come to make the save before Trish Stratus comes in and shows Lay Cool some Stratusfaction.  

John Cena Def. John Morison, CM Punk, Orton, Sheamus and R-Truth

Sheamus eliminated R-Truth.

John Morison eliminated Shea, is with another Spiderman move.

Punk eliminated Orton.

Punk eliminated Morison.

Cena eliminated Punk.


I felt that they were making a mockery out of the so called “toughest glass in the world” it seemed that the lightest of shoves were able to break these glassed doors, it was disappointing but fun to see people going through it for a change.

They should have made Lawler do his Piledriver or at least give us some more memorable moments for not only us, but for him as well—the match was easily forgettable.

This is not a negative, but it would of been a nice edition if they added Christian to the match instead of Show, ah well hopefully they got bigger plans for that storyline.

Speaking about the Big Show, what was the point of having him in their if all he is going to do is make Barrett look weak and cheap? Why does Show need to be put over?

The U.S title should of been on the line.


Great Smackdown Chamber match—it really set the bar for the night and it was hard to follow that chamber match up.

Good to see Kane have decent run inside the chamber for a while even though he was on the losing end, it made his character more believable and it also makes people remember that he was a World Champion only a couple of months ago.

Drew was great and hopefully his momentum will carry him throughout the coming weeks.

Michael Cole and Booker T commentary was at times annoying and almost intolerable, but they have a good back and forth thing going on and you can really see Cole growing as a heel.

The New Raw GM made an appearance, he seems to be a guy of good will and fairness or maybe he is just a CM Punk fan, ah the many question left unanswered.

Jomo is really showing that he is the one to watch out for in the future— he continues to amaze everyone with his innovation and amazing agility. Lets hope that he has something good in store for Wrestlemania.

Good PPV.


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