Oakland Raiders Vet Sebastian Janikowski Compares Favorably with George Blanda

Honor Warren Wells TheTorchSenior Writer IIFebruary 21, 2011

Sebastian Janikowski is an outstanding Oakland Raider.
Sebastian Janikowski is an outstanding Oakland Raider.Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Sebastian Janikowski had a difficult day during the Raiders-Cardinals game on Sept. 26th.

One bad day, however, should not overshadow the outstanding performance of a player.

In honor of George Blanda and in an effort to encourage Sebastian Janikowski, this article was posted.

Janikowski and the Raider Nation will always remember that his kick could have helped win the game on Sept. 26th, had been accurate.

That failure occurred one day before the departure of one of the NFL's greatest kickers, George Blanda.

The timing of both events may burn in the memories of many in the Raider Nation. It, too, may burn in the mind of Janikowski.

George Blanda had a sequence of data showing a 100 percent average in the XP percent category. This category is defined as "extra points percentage."

For five consecutive years, Blanda had a 100 percent in the XP percent category. Those five years were 1951 through 1955. Again, in 1968, 1969 and 1970, Blanda had a XP percent of 100.

What is remarkable is Blanda had a total of 13 years during his career in which his XP percent was 100 in each year.

Blanda's maximum number of extra points made in a year was 64. His minimum was 23.

The Chart - First 10 Years of Career























Janikowski has outstanding performance during his 11-year career with the Oakland Raiders.

The first three years of Janikowski's career, his XP percent was 100 for each of those years, from 2000 to 2002. Janikowski's minimum was 96.2 percent in 2008, and his maximum is 50 points.

XP percent is defined as extra points made (XPM), divided by extra points attempted (XPA).

The formula is XP% = XPM/XPA

Blanda had a maximum of 64 points in 1961. His minimum was 23 points in 1957.

Although the total number of extra points made that year was a minimum for Blanda's entire career, the XP% was 100, a perfect performance proficiency. Blanda's career average with the Oakland Raiders was 98 percent for his nine years of tenure.

Blanda's average of 98.8 percent with the Chicago Bears exceeded his percentage with the Raiders.

Blanda's performance was spectacular.

Janikowski can believe that he is destined for greatness too. If only he remembers the remarkable timing of one of his most heartbreaking missed field goals.

The heartbreak of the loss of game on Sept. 26th is juxtaposed near the heartbreak of the loss of a great Oakland Raiders, George Blanda.

It is a week that many of us will always remember.

As we gain our composure, we recant the motto, "Just win, baby!"

Do it in memory of George Blanda.