Top 50 Hottest Video Clips Of Trainers, Dancers, WAG's, and Women Athletes

Dallas DavisCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2011

Top 50 Hottest Video Clips Of Trainers, Dancers, WAG's, and Women Athletes

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    The list of all lists is here.

    Many others have featured busty cover shots or photo-shopped touch ups, but none I've seen have featured video/picture compilations or video highlights of the women we love to watch.

    Without further wait, let's take a look at some of the sexiest videos on the Internet.

    Within reason.

Honorable Mention: Top 10 Hottest Golfers Clip Show

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    There has to be some golfers here, and Lord knows there are plenty of great-looking women golfers.

    Let us take a look at a clip montage of these beautiful women.

50. Isinbayeva Breaks Pole Vault World Record

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    Pole vaulting is quite difficult, and to be able to break a record in any capacity is a serious achievement. In this case, it was her own record she was breaking.

    The attire is aerodynamic, and I think we can all agree it makes for great sport watching.

49. Linda Mertens Workout

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    She's a singer, and for the sake of relevance to sports we have decided to consider training a part of the sports world.

    I mean if the NFL Combine is sports, I don't see why team workout sessions can't have the same designation, right?

48. Aerobic Workouts with Curious Postures

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    This one is hilarious. Fast-forward, or watch if you'd like, up until forty seconds. 

    I'm not sure how much workout value this one possesses, but I found it very funny that thrusting the air would be considered as part of a routine. 

47. Russian Volleyball, Creepy Video

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    The Russian volleyball team has a great squad on the court and on the film. This video, however, made me think about how creepy this editor was.

    You're being a little too obvious, dude.

46. Carnaval, Brazil; Dancing Is a Sport

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    Dancing at Carnaval, a very popular sport in Brazil, is practiced year-round.

    Thank goodness for Brazil, and if you're wondering why this video is so low I had to consider the fact that it's really a stretch to have this on a sports site.

45. German Bobsled Team

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    Great filming by the Germans here.

44. Transformers 2: Megan Fox Vision

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    There were rumors that she flirted with LeBron James, so I've decided to include her as a potential WAG.

    Megan Fox Vision would be pretty cool.

    Click halfway through to see what I'm talking about.

43. Anna Kournikova at the Beach

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    Anna Kournikova is far more popular off the court than she is when playing tennis.

    That being said, she pretty much kills it on the camera. It's no mystery that she took the media by storm on her arrival to professional tennis.

42. World Cup Hotties

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    Oh how we love World Cup festivities.

41. Sexy Women's Soccer Clip Show

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    Modest pictures of some very beautiful women.

    Major loss of points for the music.

40. Hottest Women in Sports, a Great Collage

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    Great slide show, but again, terrible music.

39. World Cup Awesomeness

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    Again we are treated to the fruits of the Wold Cup campaign.

    Gotta love it when it finally rolls around.

38. Jessica Alba

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    She is married to Baron Davis' friend, and you will read more about that in a much more coveted slide.

37. Why Watch the Political Debates When You Can Look at the Hottest Athletes

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    Um, what?

    I mean, I enjoyed it, but it's kind of an awkward beginning.

36. Hot Female Athletes

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    Awesome clip show of some beautiful athletes. 

35. Ana Ivanovich

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    Did somebody say the new Anna Kournikova?

    Ana is certainly no strain on the eyes, and only because it's a clip show does this rank so low.

    It was the best way to get as many photos of her out there as possible.

34. Women's Football Ad: No Idea Who They Are, but WOW

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    This is the first of three ads made by the same people.

    Very effective advertising for the game of soccer.

33. Alejandra Tejada Sings?

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    San Francisco didn't just acquire Miguel Tejada, they also get to provide a home for the beautiful Alejandra Tejada.

    She's making her name in the Spanish music scene, and gets major points for being relatively unknown. 

    She did have a part in the Sports Illustrated edition of Athlete's Wives that you will see later in the rankings.

32. Heidi DeRosa and Heidi Hamels

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    This documents a lot of baseball's most beautiful women.

    For the most part, I had no idea that some of these guys' wives were as smoking hot as this.

31. Brazilian Girls after World Cup Victory in 2006

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    I enjoy the fact that is a celebration dance, and that's why it gets a boost in the rankings.

    Go Brazil!

30. Allison Stokke Picture and Video Collage

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    She might be the most attractive woman athlete, but this a video ranking. Picture collages are fantastic, but not enough to put her in the top 10 where she truly belongs.

    I look forward to watching the former Cal-Berkeley track star tear it up in the Olympics, should she compete. 

29. Olympic Sand Volleyball Montage

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    Beach volleyball is awesome, and I think ever since Top Gun its popularity has only risen higher. 

28. Wii Girl: Wait, Video Game Sports Count, Right?

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    It's Wii Sports! That constitutes the right to be on on this list, yes?

    Enjoy the video if you've missed it on Tosh.0.

27. Lindsay Messina Getting Her Workout on

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    Okay, wait a second. This is a sport?

26. Gabriella Reese Workout

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    Professional volleyball players need to work hard to maintain those washboard abs, and this is Gabriella's method of madness.

25. Next Door Neighbor Kendra in a Hot Clip Montage

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    Hank Baskett is struggling to get his career off the ground, while Kendra conveniently struggles to keep her pants on.

    Good match.

24. Leryn Franco

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    Certainly the hottest javeler out there.

    I haven't even heard of Leryn. Maybe you have? 

23. Leilani Mitchell, WNBA Hottie

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    Again, another shocking beauty. Reason being, I had never heard of her.

    The WNBA gets a bad rap, and to combat that I've put her in the top 25 to "raise awareness."

22. Zuzanna Wants Your Sweat

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    Another borderline sports call. If it makes you sweat, it's a sport.

    No, that doesn't work.

    If it helps you stay in shape, it's a sport. Running is a sport.

    Sound reasoning once again.

21. Amateur Bikini Soccer

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    It's where champions are made, where battles get tested and where the rubber meets the road.

    Or, it's just some great-looking girls playing soccer on the beach.

    Yeah, the second thing.

20. Okay, Fitness Challenge Is Certainly a Sport

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    Yeah, we'll go ahead and let this one slide.

19. Tempe12 Bowl Game

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    Girls scantily clothed and playing football?

    That's a good way to make the list.

18. Kim Kardashian in Movie "Disaster"

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    This movie featured some serious F- acting, and some terrible scenes.

    On the plus side, it did feature this great scene with Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra. 

17. Thank Goodness for Slow-Mo

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    Since the evolution of slow motion, few moments capture its essential value to society. 

    This would be one of them.

16. Jessica Biel Scene with Adam Sandler

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    She dated Derek Jeter, and boy does she have a body.

    Kinda wish I would've become an actor.

15. Is This Sexy? You Decide

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    In some sort of soccer enticement video, the UK wants to ask a very serious question.

    Is soccer ugly?

    I can't decide for the life of me.

14. ESPN Body Issue

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    This is a great video, and it shows that I'm not being completely sexist.

    I'm sure women can relate to the greatness of this video. It just has to be skipped through for us men.

13. SI's Athletes' Wives Swimsuit Edition Photo Shoot

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    Holy Moly, Carmella Garcia.

    I didn't much care for Jeff Garcia, but kudos on your lifestyle buddy.

12. Beach Soccer Cheerleaders

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    I'm not really that familiar with beach soccer, but if cheerleaders are involved I guess we should check it out.

    Brazil is ridiculous with all this material for the list.

11. Lindsey Vonn SI Cover

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    Lindsey Vonn is a shredder on the slopes.

    She is almost as attractive off the mountain, as she demonstrates during the SI cover shoot.

10. Zuzanna, the Hottest Workout Instructor out There

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    I know, it's hardly sports, but we are considering workout regimes a form of sport.

    Zuzanna thinks it's a sport.

9. Kendra's Martial Arts Workout

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    Hank Baskett's wife is getting into martial arts, and I think it's a good look.

8. Ridiculous Women's Soccer Team that Can't Exist

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    Raising soccer awareness is very important.

    I think we need to be made very aware.

7. Run Vanessa, Run!

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    The World Bikini Football League.

    Amazing stuff, and Vanessa shows that it's not all about the attire, running for a long touchdown.

6. Now I've Heard of You, Lucimara

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    I pretty much figured that Brazilian anything would be a surefire nominee for the top 10.

    She didn't medal in 2008, but I'm sure she might take home the gold in how good she can pull off the leotard.

    Great work, Lucimara Silva. I can't wait until 2012.

5. Anna Kournikova Calendar Shoot

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    Kournikova again, and better than ever.

    She makes the top five by loving to be filmed at the beach. You can't beat it, and as far as tennis player clips go, this one is the sexiest. 

4. Eva Longoria Maxim Shoot

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    We haven't heard much from Eva since the Tony Parker soap opera bonanza.

    In any case, I wish I hadn't missed it when this Maxim issue came out.

3. Carmella Garcia 2010 Photo Shoot

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    Wife of Jeff Garcia.

    This might be one of the better photo-shoot videos I've ever seen.

2. Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Commercial

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    Kim seems to be all about athletes. At one point she was with Reggie Bush and now is rumored to be with Miles Austin.

    Again, in either case, we're just glad she's a WAG. For that, we salute her.

    I have to think this one is a no-brainer: best Super Bowl commercial this year.

1. Jessica Alba Snorkeling

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    This video is quite revealing. If you didn't think Jessica Alba should make the list, I have some sound reasoning.

    Her husband Cash Warren used to play hoops in high school with his friend Baron Davis. They're still friends to this day, making Jessica Alba associated in some way to the NBA.

    Boom, roasted.

    Now stop reading what I write and watch the video already! You have to click the link to watch it on YouTube.

    The video is just too popular.