Bad Timing for Big Sam, as Newcastle Go Sack-Happy Again

Liam CraddockCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2008

It was a bad decision to sack Big Sam, especially in the middle of the transfer window.

That is the simple truth of the matter.

Mike Ashley has a big job now to pick the right man and stay in the fans favour—we all saw what happened with Freddy Sheperd.

Whoever comes in now will have to have an idea of players to bring in or they are stuck with the current squad. Not that its a bad squad.

Okay, Newcastle need shoring up in defense, but in attack, the club is very good. There is just a lack of confidence and a lack of flow. 

What doesn't help the team that the fans are on the players' backs all the time. I'm a life-long supporter and of course think we deserve to be higher in the league, being such a big club.

But I accept that it isn't going to happen over night and that it wil take time, maybe three or four seasons, before we will challenge the top four.

Morons like the fans seen chanting 'You don't know what you're doing' only make matters worse at Tyneside, and are not supporting anything.

I don't care who we get in as long as they have a good previous record—and are given more than five minutes in the job!