Ray's Review: Elimination Chamber 2011

Ray SamuelsContributor IFebruary 21, 2011

Ray's Review: Elimination Chamber 2011

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    Elimination Chamber just ended about a few hours ago, and the first thing that comes to my mind is that WrestleMania is our next and final stop. We’re only a short 42 days away from the 27th annual wrestling fiesta, WrestleMania.

    Fresh off the heels of witnessing two Elimination Chamber matches, as well as many other surprises and curveballs thrown by WWE, one can only help but think what is going to occur in the six weeks that are left until WrestleMania.

    Going back to the Elimination Chamber PPV, it basically put a finishing touch on the feuds that are set to occur at WrestleMania.  

    I’m very much excited to witness how different feuds are going to culminate in the big event. We now have a very strong sense of what might occur at WrestleMania. Just the thought of potential matches excites me.

    Some people are already hating on this PPV stating it was too predictable, while some say it was one of the best PPV’s of the PG era.

    I will get to my general thoughts of the PPV at the end of the slideshow, but until then, let us dissect Elimination Chamber match per match?

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Result: Alberto Del Rio wins via Submission (10:29)

    We already saw this match on SmackDown, and I wasn’t too impressed with it on cable television. However, these two athletes gave it their all to gain some WrestleMania momentum going into the PPV.

    It surprised me that the match could be this good, with high spots throughout the entire match. The focus on Kofi’s sternum was also a great thing going on during the match ultimately increasing the in-ring psychology.

    Overall, a great start to the show. The crowd was really into this match, likewise me. I was reading reports that WWE wanted this match to be for the Intercontinental title and then unify it with the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

    I‘m glad that didn’t happen because the Intercontinental Title is needed to get mid-carders over into the main-event.

    Going back to the match, I thought it was fantastic. Great start to the show leaving a good taste in the viewer’s mouth.

    Match Rating: 8/10 

SmackDown! Elimination Chamber- World Heavyweight Title

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    Result: Edge retains by last eliminating Rey Mysterio (31:28)

    Match of the night. Enough said. Elimination Chamber matches are one of my most favourite match types in the entire WWE. Even though Elimination Chamber matches have pretty much lost prestige since 2009, this match made me think that I was watching something new.

    There was a good use of the Chamber itself as well with superstars being thrown into the glass and the chains. People like Drew McIntyre, Kane and Big Show were booked fairly strong, which I really admired.

    Wade Barrett was the first eliminated to my disappointment, but all this does is further the feud between Corre and Big Show. Of course Edge was booked as a champion and it’ll be interesting to see how his momentum holds up until WrestleMania.

    Rey and Edge going for 15 minutes as the last two was gold. I loved every minute of it. Both showed their resiliency to headline WrestleMania as champion.

    I admit WWE had me going when Rey hit the first 619 on Edge. Each kicking out of each other’s finishers was an added bonus as well. This entire match has turned out to be one of my most favourite Elimination Chamber match in its entirety.

    On a side note, this has to be the most credible win in Edge’s career as champion as he won it cleanly!

    Match Rating: 10/10 

Captain Charisma and Trish Stratus Return!

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    I didn’t want to throw this part in on the last slide because it’s pretty unrelated.

    I was extremely disappointed that Big Show was revealed as the sixth person, but it kind of made sense to have Christian return after the match.

    Everybody was saying that Christian will return as the sixth man, so as a way to avoid predictability, WWE tossed him in at the end. It’ll be interesting to see where Christian returning will take this feud.

    Obviously having a triple threat between Edge, Del Rio and Christian would be the logical choice, but I can ultimately see Christian just being thrown in as a special guest ref or something like that just because of Vince McMahon and his pride.

    Maybe something like Ricardo in Del Rio’s corner and Christian in Edge’s.

    I know when I heard Christian’s music, I completely marked out! Edge vs. Del Rio doesn’t scream WrestleMania, but add Christian to that as a triple threat match, and it yells WrestleMania.

    One thing is for sure, Michael Hayes and McMahon have got me hooked on SmackDown! for at least six weeks. Oh, and Tough Enough as well! Seeing Trish returning was awesome as well! 

Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Corre for the WWE Tag Team Titles

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    Result: The Corre win the WWE Tag Team Titles via Gabriel's 450 Splash on Santino Marella (5:08) 

    I said in my predictions that I didn’t give a damn about this match unless the Corre won. And they did. I’m actually excited for the potential Nexus vs. Corre program now since it involves gold.

    Back to analyzing the match, during the duration of the bout, I felt Santino Marella and Kozlov growing on me as credible champs. WWE has booked them to be threats, but at the same time, comedic relief which is something really hard to balance out.

    The match was good, much better than their encounters on Raw and SmackDown! Other than that, an unmemorable affair.  

    No specific spots that I really liked, except when the Corre won the titles. Here’s to hoping that they’ll hold on to those belts for a while.

    The sad thing is, we’ll probably be seeing this match on RAW and SmackDown! for the next six weeks.

    Match Rating: 5.5/10  

The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler in a Singles Match for the WWE Title

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    Result: The Miz retains the WWE title via Skull Crushing Final (12:08)

    I actually really enjoyed this match. Call me crazy all you want but it gives Miz enough momentum so that he can face Cena at 'Mania. Obviously, it could have been much better, but I get WWE. I caught their drift.

    I wouldn’t say a match for the ages, because it clearly wasn’t. But it was good enough so that one can say it was a Championship match.

    It kept me uptight for the duration it, and was excited to see how the match will play out. As expected, Jerry didn’t take too many bumps, but that still didn’t stop it from being a great match.

    It was a given that Lawler would lose, but it was a nice effort in the end. There weren’t really any specific high spots, but the crowd was hot for Jerry all the way.

    In the end, Miz gets a clean victory and gains some speed for 'Mania. Good stuff from booking.

    Match Rating: 7.5/10

RAW Elimination Chamber- Winner Gets a WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania 27

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    Result: John Cena wins by last eliminating CM Punk (33:10)

    I originally thought that this match would in no manner best the SmackDown! Elimination Chamber. In my mind it didn’t, but only by a one percent margin. The ending fell a bit short compared to the SmackDown! one with Eliminations occurring in seconds.

    I found the Mysterio vs. Edge ending much more entertaining and suspenseful than Cena eliminating CM Punk seconds after Morrison.

    That being said, this Chamber had to follow SmackDown! and it did. Morrison’s 20 feet leap was extraordinary, and the eliminations were held extremely well by the booking team.

    The Anonymous GM chiming in at the last minute was great as well. Orton and CM Punk’s encounters were solid gold. I’m very much looking forward to their match at 'Mania.

    Say what you want about Cena winning, but I am highly anticipating their match at WrestleMania. Not because it’ll be a technical wrestling clinic, but because the build-up would be amazing.

    These are the two best talkers the WWE has right now going against each other and I’m very much looking forward to RAW tomorrow.

    Match Rating: 9.5/10 

To Sum It All Up...

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    I’ll be the first to say it. I haven’t enjoyed a WWE PPV like I have this in God knows how long. Such a big step up since last year's.

    Some people were saying it was much too predictable, and to be honest, it was for the most part. But at least we received three hours of solid entertainment and wrestling matches to go along with that predictability.

    The two chamber matches will go down as one of the best in history, and the non-chamber matches delivered all they could. It was very much worth the $55.

    This PPV has set up the entire card of WrestleMania, and I’m looking forward to what McMahon has in store for the rest of the six weeks of WWE programming.

    Also, tomorrow is 2-21-11! Either Triple H, Undertaker, or the unlikely Sting, is set to appear tomorrow. Looking forward to tomorrow’s RAW and watching the build-up to the WrestleMania matches!  

    Anywho, this is Ray Samuels signing off here at BleacherReport.

    PPV Rating: 8.5/10 – Very Good Buy!  

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