WWE Elimination Chamber Results: 20 Most Memorable Highlights of the PPV Event

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2011

WWE Elimination Chamber Results: 20 Most Memorable Highlights of the PPV Event

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    Elimination Chamber, the last pay-per-view event before WrestleMania, is now in the books.

    In a nearly three-hour spectacle, a lot of action took place and I invite you to take a look at the 20 most memorable highlights of the evening.

    The following slideshow is packed with actual pictures from the show and with descriptions of the best moments. So, if you have missed the pay-per-view, here is your chance to grab some piece of the action.

    Now, with no more introduction, let's see in photos what happened at Elimination Chamber. 

1. A Pesky Alberto Del Rio on the Mic

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    Alberto Del Rio proved once again he was an ace on the microphone and he went with some trash talk before the match.

    He mentioned he was committed to excellence and that he really meant that. Then, of course, he did let us know he would leave WrestleMania as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

    He also insulted Kofi Kingston by calling him a piece of trash and other things similar.

2. Great Counters from Alberto Del Rio for the Win

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    On two occasions, Del Rio went with impressive counter maneuvers.

    He first intercepted Kofi Kingston in mid-air with two knees in the mid-section.

    Del Rio then performed a spectacular Hangman Neck-breaker on Kofi Kingston who was sitting of the top turnbuckle.

    All in all, Alberto Del Rio kept his monumental momentum on the way to WrestleMania.

3. Big Show As Dolph Ziggler's Surprise Replacement

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    Drew McIntyre, Kane and particularly Wade Barrett were shocked to learn that Big Show would enter the Chamber and the reaction on their face said it all. It was not a good surprise, that's for sure.

    Big Show didn't find his way to the victory, but at least he tasted some revenge on Wade Barrett, eliminating him with a giant knockout punch. Barrett became the first to be eliminated.

4. Mysterio's Spectacular Performance

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    When he was not jumping off a pod or performing his signature 619, he displayed an incredible resilience. 

    He was thrown through the pods on many occasions and even a spear could not keep him down.

    However, a spear received in mid-air finally annihilated his hopes to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

5. Kane Dominating

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    At some point, Kane was so dominating that we could think he would emerge victorious from the Chamber.

    He delivered an impressive chokeslam on the 500-pound Big Show to eliminate him. He then eliminated Drew McIntyre, with a brutal chokeslam as well.

    But, while Kane was holding Mysterio, Edge fired with a spear on both men.

    Edge then went for the three-count on The Devil's Favorite Demon.

6. Edge Retained with Panache

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    With all the odds against him in that no mercy Elimination Chamber environment, Edge managed to retain the World Heavyweight Championship as the Ultimate Opportunist he is.

    He proved he was worthy to headline WrestleMania and he will give Del Rio a true ride for his money.

7. Del Rio Assaulting an Exhausted Edge

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    After a grueling Title defense, Edge was assaulted by Alberto Del Rio who wanted to make a clear statement.

    Edge will have to watch his back until WrestleMania if he wants to be 100 percent against Del Rio who made a name for himself by injuring many Superstars with vicious sneaky attacks.

8. Christian Back in Action

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    Many thought he would not even make it to WrestleMania, but Christian came back to save Edge from Alberto Del Rio's armbar.

    Captain Charisma has finally put his hands on the Mexican big mouth who has put him out of action for months. A Killswitch settled the score and Edge could taste his victory.

9. Trish Stratus Announced As a Tough Enough Trainer

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    The crowd welcomed Trish Stratus with somewhat reserved cheers.

    For some reason, she went with a poor imitation of The Rock, but all she achieved was to look ridiculous. In fact, her whole interview segment was awful. She was so boring that we could hear some boos in the arena. Even Booker T was wondering and could not believe it.

10. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel Crowned New Tag Team Champions

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    For once, Justin Gabriel's 450 splash was used as an actual finisher after Kozlov was distracted by Ezekiel Jackson.

11. Vickie Guerrero Made a Fool of Herself... Again

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    She begged Teddy Long to rehire Dolph Ziggler. She said they were sorry for the attack. She also added that Dolph was mentally unstable. She said a tragedy happened on SmackDown! with her boyfriend being fired.

    Then, Long emerged from backstage to declare Ziggler would not be back on SmackDown!

12. Kelly Kelly Rehired

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    After Vickie Guerrero's pathetic apologies, she was attacked by the freshly rehired Kelly Kelly.

    Teddy Long reversed Vickie's decision and Kelly Kelly rushed to the ring to exact revenge on the one who fired her.

13. Trish Stratus Saving Kelly Kelly

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    If the reaction from the fans in the arena was lukewarm when she appeared earlier, it went better when she saved Kelly Kelly from the grip of Lay-Cool.

    So, the former seven-time Women's Champion seems to be back in an active role with WWE and with some of her signature attacks, she showed she was still in top shape.

14. Jerry Lawler Looked Impressive in the WWE Championship Match

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    For a 61-year-old man, Jerry Lawler did great in his match against The Miz. 

    After Alex Riley was sent backstage by the referee, the tide turned in The King's favor. He gave a true hard time to the reigning Champion. 

    One of the best moments in the match was when The Miz was thrown straight on Michael Cole. The fans really enjoyed that stint.

    The Miz eventually retained, but Lawler delivered a great and valiant battle.

15. John Morrison AKA Spiderman

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    Just like he did in the Royal Rumble match, John Morrison looked like he was Spiderman.

    Early in the match, he leaped from the top rope and hooked himself on the wall of chains after a missed kicked on Sheamus.

    But the most spectacular moment of the evening was when he climbed after the structure and found himself crawling on the ceiling of the Chamber to fall on Sheamus for the win.

16. Sheamus Suffered a Hangman DDT on the Steel Floor

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    Randy Orton performed on The Celtic Warrior a vicious Hangman DDT on the no mercy steel floor.

    Surprisingly, it was not enough to keep Sheamus down for the count.

17. CM Punk Eliminated Then Reinstated

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    CM Punk was stuck in the pod's door and Randy Orton capitalized with a vicious attack. He quickly eliminated him with a RKO when he was finally free.

    But, due to the malfunctioning pod, the Raw Anonymous General Manager reinstated CM Punk into the match.

18. Punk Mocked Orton's Mimic Before Eliminating Him

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    Before performing a devastating GTS on Randy Orton, CM Punk mocked him. He imitated The Viper's pre-RKO mimic to add oil on the fire of their continuing rivalry.

    We can take this as the confirmation of a Orton vs. Punk confrontation at WrestleMania.

19. John Cena Became the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Title At Wrestlemania

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    In a not-so-surprising win, John Cena outlasted his five opponents to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. That victory guarantees him to headline WrestleMania, against The Miz.

20. No Big Surprises

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    The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view ended with no upset regarding the outcome of the matches. 

    No one is surprised to see John Cena and Edge as the winner of their respective Elimination Chamber match. The Miz retaining was also obvious. 

    The matches were good overall, but no classic has been presented and the Tag Team Championship changing hands was not exactly an upset. 

    The biggest surprise was certainly the return of Christian, but that was about it for the upset factor.

    That being said, what do you think about that last pay-per-view before WrestleMania?