Please Pray for Florida State Football

Yates BoykinCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

I don't think I really have to state this because I think it is common knowledge, but the game last week against Wake Forest was pretty lame. A pitiful 12-3 loss. Man, what a letdown. My last article is now crushed.

Well, enough of that. I have done my best to forget that nightmare.

Let's look to Saturday, where Florida State plays the undefeated Colorado Buffaloes in Jacksonville. This is pretty good news for 'Nole fans: Florida State has gone 8-1 overall in Jacksonville, including one last year against Alabama.

This is good news, but I do not think it excites 'Noles fans too much. It seems like nothing is exciting after that nightmare last week. What fans can be excited about is the defense. Just think if the offense could play football. How amazing would that be, and how much better would Florida State be? Gosh, that bothers me.

In reality, Florida State's offense will probably not explode. Although, last year, in Jacksonville, Xavier Lee did take the offense to another level. But can it happen again this year? And can it consistently stay that way?

For the sake of Florida State (that kind of rhymes) and the fans, I am praying earnestly that Jimbo Fisher and his offense will produce touchdowns. Not interceptions or stupid penalties—touchdowns.

Doesn't that sound nice? And for all of you 'Noles fans out there: Please do the same. Florida State needs it.