West Virginia Football: Saturday Morning Morgantown (My Apology, Joni Mitchell)

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIFebruary 20, 2011

Copeland's Morgantown
Copeland's MorgantownDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

Joni Mitchell is a folk singer who penned and recorded her share of songs in the decades of the 1960s and 1970.  She's the one who looked at "Both Sides Now," but West Virginians remember Ms. Mitchell's "Morning Morgantown" as her finest work.

Had Joni Mitchell been a football-crazed folk singer, she would have written "Saturday Morning Morgantown," and it would have gone something like this:

When Saturday morning comes to Morgantown,

The freshmen bring their sofas down. 

The beer trucks make the Blue Lot rounds

Saturday morning, Morgantown. 


We'll rise up early, with the haze, 

And walk to the tailgates, spirits ablaze. 

We eat pepperoni rolls and wash them down 

With Saturday morning, Morgantown.


Saturday morning, Morgantown 

Buy your dreams with each first down. 

Top 25, any team you name 

They're just not the same.

As Saturday morning, Morgantown


We leave our Blue Lot to a familiar ring, 

And watch the band, Appalachian Spring 

Copeland's Morgantown.


Mountain ladies in their navy frock 

The shirts say, "WVU Girls Rock." 

And, they do, every year.

Saturday morning, Morgantown.


The heroes run through the dry ice mist, 

Lifelong fans raise a fist. 

I'd like to buy you season tickets,

Your heart, your soul, that would fix it.


But, the only thing I have to give

Is Saturday morning, Morgantown.